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Zoro Armor
Jeff luis as zoro the shadow cutting knight by nathanralls09-d8qsr97
Original Armor
Shadow Cutting Knights
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Zoro is a Makai Armor that specializes in dual-saber combat. Whoever wields this armor will take the title of the Shadow Cutting Knight Zoro (絶影騎士・ゾロ Zetsuei kishi Zoro). This armor is exclusive to the anime and have a strong resemblance to Zero from the Original Series.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

This is the anime version of Silver Knight Zero, renamed as Shadow Cutting Knight Zoro. Although much of the design and aesthetics remain with Zoro, there are differences. Zero had twin short swords with him for two sword-style combat, but Germán has twin daggers instead. When transformed, the daggers became a pair of chained butterfly-like swords. With it, Zoro can throw it at great distances to grapple and ensnare his opponent.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Zoro Daggers


Variant Description
Garo-ZoroDouble Extreme Fusion Garo

In the final battle against Mendoza, León used both his father's and his own weapons to combine the Garo and Zoro armors into a powerful new form. The composite armor possesses emerald-colored Madō Fire wings, León's original Garo armor's scarves, and Zoro's chain reels and is capable of flight.

Known users: León Luís


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