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Zex Armor (Cunning Knight)
Zex Armor (Dark Knight)
Zex Transform GARO
Zex Transform
  • Dark Knight (Current)
  • Cunning Knight (Former)
Cunning/Dark Knights
  • Zex Sword and Shield
  • Senkaku

Zex is a silvery-green (later black) Makai Armor that specializes in sword and shield combat. Whoever wields this armor will take the title of the Zex the Cunning Knight (翠瞑騎士ゼクス Suimei Kishi Zekusu) it was retitled as Zex the Dark Knight (暗黒騎士ゼクス Ankoku Kishi Zekusu) after it was corrupted. It is exclusive to Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames, once belonging to Bernardo Dion. The armor was lost as the sword dissolved along with Bernardo following his death.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Zex was originally silvery-green in color. After it's corruption, it became a demonic black armor with a purplish tint, golden shoulder pads and a red cape. The armor constantly generates a dark aura due to said corruption.

For combat, Zex is armed with a makai sword and shield. In normal conditions, the makai sword takes the appearance of straight sword while the shield resembles ordinary targe shield. Once activated, the makai blade becomes an ornate longsword with the shield becoming a larger ornate shield. Each of Zex's arsenals have special powers: Zex's left-arm is armed with a shield that is capable of shooting energy projectiles, while the sword can perform telekinetic feat for long-range offensive attack. It's unknown whether these special abilities are gained upon its corruption, let alone whether it can conjure Madō Flames for performing Blazing Armament.

For combat assistance, Zex has his Madōba, Senkaku. Aside from the generic ability of madōba such as strength, speed, agility, and durability beyond a normal steed, Senkaku can also transform into a large drill that can be equipped to Zex by combining it with his sword and shield. Similar to Gōten, Senkaku can turn Zex‘s sword into the Zex Horse Slayer sword, a larger version of Zex Sword.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Sword and Shield proficiency: Zem is an armor specialized in sword and shield combat.

Tools & WeaponsEdit

  • Zex Sword and Shield: Zex can use his left-arm shield to defend while using his right-arm sword to attack.
  • Senkaku: Zex's Madō Horse, which he can fuse with to make a drill weapon.


Variant Description
Zex+Madoba Unnamed Zex Combination

Zex can combine with his Madō Horse Senkaku to form a drill weapon. This form was powerful enough to cause an explosion that managed to knockout both Zex and Zoro from their users. The form also require Zex sword and shield combine with the Madōba to complete it.

Note: Bernardo seemed perform this technique for the first and last time during the fight against Zoro. In fact, Zoro was not familiar with such form that he briefly shocked and incredulous by the sight of Bernardo performing it.

Known users: Bernardo Dión


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