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Zero is a silver Makai Armor that specializes in dual saber combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title as the Silver Fang or Zero the Silver Fanged Knight (銀牙騎士・絶狼(ゼロ)Ginga Kishi Zero). The armor formally belonged to an unknown and extinct bloodline; the last survivor of that line was Douji. However, he adopted a son and trained him to inherit the armor to start a new bloodline; the current user is Rei Suzumura.

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A special ability that Zero has that no other armor has are its sabers. When needed to, the dual sabers can connect at the pommel to form a large staff sword. This allows the knight to have wider defensive capabilities as well as wider range and power in combat. In its staff form, Zero can throw its staff like a giant boomerang. Because soul metal can react to the will of its user, the staff can change direction like a guided buzz saw to cut through mass its target(s).


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