Zen Armor
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Garo ZEN Transform
Zen Transforms


  • Flaming Scimitar

Zen is a red Makai Armor that specializes in fire scimitar combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of the Zen the Flame Sword Knight (炎刃騎士・漸(ゼン) Enjin Kishi Zen, lit. "Steadily"). The armor is currently wielded by Takeru Jakuzure.

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Zem is red Makai Armor with red and gold coloration. While wolf-themed, it's wolf-ears have ornate design that made them vaguely resembles bird wings and have small tusks that protruding upwards on the helmet's jaw reminiscent to either an elephant or boar's. The armor also has small blades on the elbows which protrudes backwards. As with other Makai Armor in Ryūga-verse series, the armor is created from Zedom seed-based Soul Metal.

For combat, the knight is armed with a makai sword which in dormant form takes an appearance of a scimitar. In its activated form, it becomes a long ornate scimitar with a nearly straight blade. Like other armors, Zen is capable of performing Blazing Armament to increase its combat power with orange Madō Flames. The armor however, has a special ability to draw elemental energy like Bado as well, though in Zen's case, its element is flames and has influence over it. The extent of Zen's elemental power yet to be revealed, as Takeru, the current bearer of this armor, yet to display this special power. The armor however, displayed considerable resistance against Zedom's multiple fiery blasts before Takeru disengage it before suffer disastrous damage.


Variant Description
Zen (gold shine) Golden Shine Zen

Ryuga's determination to stop Zedom allows him to convert some portion of the legendary Horror's essence into enormous amount of golden energy which infuses itself into Zen armor, resulting it enveloped by golden shine like Garo's. Since the golden shine also very energy that empowered Garo, it endows Zen armor enough power to destroy Zedom. Once its golden shin exhausted for one powerful strike against the legendary Horror, Zen returns to its normal state.


The armor has been in possession of Takeru Jakuzure for quite some time and as with other Makai Armor in Ryūga-verse series, created from Zedom seed-based Soul Metal. He used this armor in combating Horror threat in Volcity. Other than that, not much is known about this armor.

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