Zedom-human form

Zedom's humanoid form.

Zedom is a powerful Horror of legend who has earned the title, "Massacring General." Though his actions were to aid his fellows Horrors, Zedom ultimately became his kind's undoing as he played a role in the formation of the Makai Knights.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Not much is known about Zedom, only that he believes that everything created from his being, including the Soul Metal fashioned from his Mahou Horror Plants, is bound to serve him and him alone. His body composed of blocks, Zedom can alter his form or produce constructs like blades and projectiles. Zedom can also create infectious seedlings that are used to create Madou Horrors, able to take control of them regardless if he sired them personally or not.

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Zedom (scroll)

Zedom as he is shown in the scroll.

Before the Makai Knights came to be, Zedom created special seeds that turn those infected into slaves to his will: the Madou Horrors. Though defeated by the Makai Order, Zedom's unique nature makes him valuable and was disemboweled with his body parts sealed in multiple locations. With Zedom's head sealed within the grounds of the first Makai Priest village, with the goddess statue erected to keep him trap, his seeds were cultivated so the fruit of the Madou Horror Plants can be used to create Soul Metal.

However, due to Tousei's actions, Zedom resurrects and he proceeds to destroy the statue to break free. However, Zedom requires a new body to act through and orders Sonshi to offer one of the three Makai Knights as a vessel. But once Sonshi is killed, Zedom takes the former Makai Knight's lifeless body to complete his resurrection once he breaks free.

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  • Zedom continues a trend of all powerful human-like Horrors of legend serving as the finale antagonist, Messiah and Gyanon predating him in that regard.

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