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Zanga Armor
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Original Armor
White Lotus Knights
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Zanga is a white Makai Armor that specializes in scimitar combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title as Zanga the White Lotus Knight (白蓮騎士・斬牙(ザンガ)Byakuren Kishi Zanga, lit. "Slashing Fang"). In the series The Crimson Moon, the armor belonged to Fujiwara no Tokitada, who later gave it to Fujiwara no Yasusuke after he found out that he and Yasusuke shared the same ideals.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The design of this armor is exactly that of Dan albeit with brighter colors, this is most likely because of it being animated and not live-action. Compared to Dan, Zanga is an armor that specializes in scimitars and not spears. Unlike other Makai Knights, who draw one or two separate circles with their blades to summon their armor, Yasusuke traces an infinity symbol (∞). He is able to "walk on air" by stepping off magical ripples he creates under his feet.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Zanga Scimitar: Zanga's Scimitar is actually a heavy sword before the user transforms. The blade is said to be heavy if the user wields it with brute force, but if the user uses his heart and soul instead, it can become as light as a feather.
  • Goruba
  • Blue Madō Flames Orb: After Seimei becomes Rudra's Vessel, Inari orders Yasusuke to attack her and gives him an orb containing blue madō flames.


Variant Description
Blazing Zanga Blazing Armament Zanga

Drawing his blade across the orb allows the Zanga armor to be engulfed in a light blue fiery aura, increasing his strength enough to break one of the possessed Seimei's dark magic circles.


The Zanga Armor was passed down from the Fujiwara family. Zanga eventually came to Tokitada's possession and disappeared along with him when he fell into Michinaga's disfavor, the armor hasn't been seen ever since then and it became a rumor.

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