Yashaul (Toshiko)

Yashaul (Toshiko Hoshikawa)



Yashaul (ヤシャウル Yashauru?, 12): A Horror that appears at the site of a traffic accident where she possesses the nearby dead body of Toshiko Hoshikawa (星川 敏子 Hoshikawa Toshiko?), a pâtissière who was forcing her daughter Misao (ミサオ?) to follow in her footsteps. When Misao attempts to commit suicide to escape the pressure, Toshiko sacrifices herself to stop her daughter prior to being possessed. Using Toshiko's body, Yashual assumes her host's identity and uses Misao's guilt to manipulate her. The Horror is eventually found and slain by Rei, though the deed pained him a bit as he is forced to leave Misao heartbroken. Toshiko Hoshikawa is portrayed by Yōko Ishino (いしの ようこ Ishino Yōko?), while Misao is portrayed by Nako Mizusawa (水沢 奈子 Mizusawa Nako?).

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