Watchdogs (番犬所 Bankenjo) are magical entities that appear human within the Makai Order that delegates missions to the Makai Knights Corps.

Description & CharactericsEdit

Little is known about the Watchdogs, except their delegation of missions for Makai Knights and Priests.

The Makai Knights are usually informed by a letter called Orders Document which is teleported to their home. Watchdogs have no real control over Makai Knights, but they have been involved in directing the actions of the Makai for centuries and thus, have certain extent of powers over the Knights nonetheless. They help purify the Knights' weapons, refuel their Madō Fire Lighters, and send the spirits of the defeated Horrors (in the form of small daggers) back to their dark realm. Whenever they collect up to a dozen blades they will send the blades back into the demon realm. There are many watchdogs existing and directing the Makai Order's will in different districts around Japan.

List of Watch DogsEdit


  • Inari: The three Watch Dogs of Heian-kyo


  • Garm - Watch Dog of the Valiante kingdom.



  • Jiiru: The Watch Dog of the Blue territory.


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