Volcity (ボルシティ Boru Shiti) is a Ryūga-verse city that rests right over an ancient Makai village in the events of The One Who Shines in the Darkness.

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Volcity is an independent city-state, located in the middle of a vast forest. It's a futuristic metropolis built around a volcano and a hot-spot for Madō Horror activity. The city is heavily privatized and peacekeeping is maintained by a privatized task force known as SG1 (Security Guardian 1), which is owned by the Kaneshiro Group (金城グループ Kaneshiro Gurūpu?). The Kaneshiro family has a huge hand in the economic and social development of Volcity; the Kaneshiro Group logo is seen everywhere and citizens often refer to the city as "Kaneshiro City."

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