Tsubasa Yamagatana
Tsubasa 2
Dan Transform
Dan Transforming
Portrayed By:
  • Shouma Yamamoto
  • Dan Spear
  • Enchanted Earing

Tsubasa Yamagatana is a Makai Knight and successor to the White Knight Dan title in the events of Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun, Makai Flash Knight, Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries, and Makai Tales. Tsubasa is the older brother to young Priestess Rin Yamagatana and the very descendant of the Makai Knight that defeated Legules 1,000 years ago. He was the protector of the Kantai, but was later replaced by his former student, Hyuga.

Personality & CharacterEdit

He is a strict and "by the book" type of guy. He wields a bō/spear called Makai Spear (魔戒槍|Makaisō) as his weapon and a Madou Bracelet named Goruba. The spearhead tip can extend in and out from its rod by the touch of a switch. When he transforms into DAN, the Makai Spear is also transformed into a doublehead spear weapon called the Midnight Sun Spear (白夜槍|Byakuyasō).


Beast of White NightEdit

Tsubasa watches over the spiritual district of Kantai and has two disciples, Hyuga and Akatsuki. Upon his arrival to Kantai, Kouga defended himself against these two disciples because his appearance in Kantai was not expected. Tsubasa came to defend his disciples and became frustrated with no answers from Kouga. They fought and Tsubasa was able to display his fighting abilities are on par with Kouga and even able to use magic by using his special earring. Priestess Garai intervened in the fight and asked Tsubasa to allow Kouga to pass to save Jabi. Tsubasa insisted that this mission should be his as he's the Makai Knight of Kantai, but Garai didn't allow him as its Priest Amon's will. Tsubasa was furious but he couldn't do anything about it. He warned Kouga that he never sanctioned this and then walked away with his disciples.

Tsubasa finally realised that discarding his feelings to become a better warrior, is wrong, after Rin was poisoned by Legules' shrapnel while protecting him. Fortunately, Jabi managed to save Rin in time. Tsubasa apologized to Jabi for his rudeness towards her. He then joined Kouga and Rei to defeat Legules in Abyss Forest. After Legules' defeat, Tsubasa told Rin that she's his pride and finally showed his smile when Rin performed magic to create butterflies.

As a Makai Knight, Tsubasa possesses a great fighting skills and amazing speed, as seen when he fought Karakuri Horrors trying to pass the entrance of Kantai. The energy coming from his armor during his transformation into DAN the Knight of the Midnight Sun could disintegrate the Horror.

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  • Tsubasa is portrayed by Shouma Yamamoto who also portrayed Taiga Nobori, Kamen rider Saga from Kamen rider Kiva.

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