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The Slant Lined is the 17th episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on February 9, 2018.


As the group sit at Chiaki's gas station, an eclipse suddenly blocks the sun and a battalion of Monster Truck Horrors appear. Sword attacks them, and sends Gina and Sophie to another route using the car. Sword then transforms and destroys many Horrors along with his Zaruba-controlled motorcycle, causing Bishop to flee from the Horror he was riding. Bishop then follows Gina and Sophie with a wave of Sismis that fold into projectiles and attack the car. Gina accelerates the car quickly enough for the gatling gun on the rear to be in position and Sophie uses it to destroy most of the Sismis. Two Sismis almost catch Sophie, but Luke arrives just in time, destroying the remaining Horrors and breaking the eclipse barrier. Suddenly a new Horror, Solkan, emerges from below the ground and causes the car to flip while hands appear from a portal to capture Sophie. Sword rescues Sophie and then Zaruba carries her away to safety on the motorcycle. Sophie cries for all the trouble she has caused her friends, but Zaruba tells her to keep moving forward. They are eventually caught by Knight, but Zaruba sacrifices himself and rams the motorcycle into Knight causing an explosion. Gina and Luke catch up with Sophie, and Sword absorbs the remaining power of Zaruba. A newly upgraded Garo battles Bolg and causes powerful shockwaves. However, after testing Sword's powers, Knight withdraws from the battle and leaves Sophie and the others to mourn the loss of Zaruba.

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