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Takeru Jakuzure is a Makai Knight in the events of The One Who Shines in the Darkness. He's Zen the Flame Sword Knight and words under Makai Priest Burai in Volcity. Takeru later returns in Fang of God.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Takeru is a young and immature Makai Knight; he speaks with the tone of a thug and often over-plays his limited capabilities with his big ego. Although inheriting a titled armor, Zen, he is a womanizer and prefers chasing after women than taking his knighthood seriously. Because of his great weakness for beautiful women, he's easily distracted from his duties and has nearly cost him his life due to his womanizing ways. However, it also suggests he suffers from emptiness in life and seeks the comfort of women to fill that void. However, underneath all of it, he has the heart of a protector. After falling in love with Rui Suzaki and protecting her against Horrors, he developed a more mature mentality and promised to be a better man in her name.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Knight Training: ?.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Zen Sword: Takeru's broadsword is based on the designs of a Chinese Liuyedao. Although called the Flaming Sword, the weapon has yet shown any true elemental capabilities.
    • Zen Armor: As a Makai Knight, Takeru is given the title of The Flaming Sword Knight. As such, he has the ability to don the red Zen Armor with his Zen Sword. Takeru does this by slamming his sword on the ground and drawing a large circle around him. The large circle opens a portal where the armor descends and equips on him, completing the transformation. Like other armors in Ryūga-verse series, Zen armor is made of Zedom seed-based Soul Metal with the special ability to draw elemental flame energy to increase its attacks.
  • Ring Lighter: As a personal preference, Takeru doesn't carry a Madougu nor a lighter like traditional Makai Knights do. Instead, he carries a ring that emits madou flames to detect horrors. However, without an asset like a Madougu, his capabilities are limited to field missions.
  • Camouflage Duster: The duster that Takeru wears is magically enchanted; the coat can alter its form to mimic civilian clothes for disguises. This allows Takeru to easily travel throughout the city in his same clothes without the need to change to new threads as he's able to magically conjure a different coat every time.

Takeru's Soul Metal Fist

  • Soul Metal Fist: An enchanted right-handed prosthetic, it was given to Takeru by Burai after Takeru was forced to cut off his own hand to prevent himself from being infected by Zedom's sapling. The Soul Metal Fist was designed to restore some of Takeru's original combat capabilities and also enhancing it at the same time. Although the fist itself doesn't give him full human-like hand mobility, it can help him hold his saber on his right arm once more and it can transform into a large shield-disk that allows him to block strong attacks and doubles as a powerful punching device against enemies.


The One Who Shines in the DarknessEdit

Makai Priest Burai had summoned three Makai Knights to Volcity: Ryuga Dogai, Takeru Jakuzure, and Aguri Kusugami. Takeru and Aguri arrived in Volcity ahead of Ryuga and waited for his arrival at their secret lair until he arrived. The knights and Burai decided to observe Ryuga once he entered the city. Upon his first day, Ryuga already caused a ruckus as he publicly murdered a bride (a Horror in disguise) and gained the attention of the private security force, SG1. After Ryuga escaped capture, the knights found him at a park, being attacked by the true form of the "Bride Horror," an infested bouquet of flowers. After Burai destroyed the horror with his pet, Raigo, Takeru introduced himself, but Ryuga was less ecstatic about the matter as he found out it was Burai that called him.

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  • Rui Suzaki: Rui is Takeru's love interest and the only woman he truly felt true love with. After Takeru and his teammates failed to save her family, Rui's memories were altered to avoid the emotional shock and pain of losing her family to Horrors. Feeling responsible, Takeru held a watchful eye over her and realized he wanted a meaningful relationship with Rui. He told her he wanted to be someone important to her and she agreed. But after her memory of him was erased from her mind, seeing her one last time before leaving Vol City, Takeru vows to become a better man from knowing her.

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