Succubus 2
Erina Tokiwa (常盤 エリナ Tokiwa Erina)

Appearing during Makai no Hana, Succubus is a Horror resembling a Venus flytrap. Erina is portrayed by Hinako Saeki (佐伯 日菜子 Saeki Hinako).


Erina Tokiwa is an ikebana artist who currently creates works with the theme of death. Dissatisfied with her current works, Erina commits acts of murder to get to higher stages of her art, which turns her pruning sheers into a Yin Gate from which Succubus emerges from. Because of her indifference towards death, Erina is allowed sense of self in the possession to act on her desire to create art from victims by petrifying them for her art, her new mannequins sprouting flowers whose petals she consumes. Erina takes an interest in Mayuri and intended to make the girl into her masterpiece before Raiga intervened. Despite losing interest later due to realizing that Mayuri is but an object, she fights Raiga nonetheless due to him destroying her work. During the battle that followed, Succubus is slain by Raiga with Erina lasting long enough for the euphoria of her impending death to turn into utter dread.


  • Succubus is the second Horror since Utoque to form a symbiosis with a human host rather than ravage the host's soul.

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