Luke(Ady Slate)
Portrayed By:
  • Sealed

Stellas is a Inga Horror which is one of the nine Horrors freed from the slate that uses their malice to seal the legendary Horror Eyrith. This Horror turns his victims into sparkly stars before devouring them. His host, a foreign murderer named Luke.

Story Edit

Stellas is freed from the the Ady Slate when Eiji Busujima destroyed the slate using Madou Art technique. Stellas found Luke after he just killed a girl after failing to guess her starsign, using her body as a medium to possess his host. After the possession, Stellas proceed to devour a couple at the bar who was just about to get married as well as a university student who is trying to pray at the temple. He was eventually caught in a dance floor of a club. After fighting with the Makai knights, Stellas took to the sky to fire meteor-like Inga Stars on the city. He is stopped by Crow and Raiga and sealed with his essence congregates into a stone that Mayuri absorbs to seal the Horror before using him to reseal Eyrith.

Abilities Edit

Firstly, he is able to create stars of Inga to throw at opponents. He is also able to fly.

Trivia Edit

  • Thane Camus previous portrayed another Horror, Ring, in a side story in the Garo series.