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Sousen is a Makai Priest featured in The Tougen Flute, playing a vital role in the series storyline.

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As revealed in the movie, Sousen battled the fallen Makai Priestess Higari ages ago. To stop her, Sousen preformed a special sealing technique that requires the use of spheres that create markers from the darkest aspects of his being on Higari's skull. The seal is then set by sacrificing himself so his dying screams can complete the sealing. Only Sousen's severed arm remained, decaying into the relic that came to be known as the Tougen Flute. As Higari explained, despite the claims of its power to banish Horrors or empower them, the Tougen Flute is meant to find a living Tougen Flute, a Makai Priest who sees the skeletal arm as a music instrument, that can undo her seal in the same matter it was created. After Higari is freed, the Tougen Flute is among the items she consumed and thus was indirectly destroyed by Rekka and Jabi

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