Small Makai Dragons
Small Makai Dragons
GARO Small makai dragon summoned
Rekka summons swarms of Small Makai Dragons

Small Makai Dragons (Makairyū no Chigyo in Japanese) are magical creatures that are summoned by Makai Priests for combating Horrors.

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Small Makai Dragons are fish-like reptilian creatures that live in another realm, suggestively the Makai Realm. Tamed and controlled by Makai Priests, they are used in sensory detection, scouting, combat, and messaging. Their sharp jaws are used for tearing things apart while their nose give them a unique ability to smell and detect things. Intuitive creatures, they don't need much explanation from their casters to know they're being summoned for either tracking or attacking a target. When summoned in a large group, they are used for offensive attacks. Makai Priestess Rekka summons them to swarm attack Horrors and they will attack in a frenzy akin to piranhas, tearing its target apart. For tracking, singular ones can be summoned and can even reside in items, like Kouga's duster, for long periods of time without the need to return to its realm. When in danger of death, they can vaporize back to their realm and can be re-summoned by the priest. They actually think and feel like humans, but can't express themselves fully. The only exception was Meru/ Kaoru. Kouga's personal small makai dragon that made it to the Promised Land. It was only then Kaoru was fully able to express and interact with its master. Highly reliable for various missions, they are preferred tools in the fight against darkness.

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