Sigma Fudō
Red Mask
Red Masked Man
Sigma Fudo
Birthdate:  ?
Age: Unknown (age as Reo)

Sigma Fudō is the elder twin brother of Reo Fudō and the main antagonist in Makai Chronicles. He is both a Makai Knight and Makai Priest like Reo, but took a dark path to exact his wrath against the Makai Order to destroy the Makai Knights.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Sigma was once groomed to inherit the title of Flash Knight Lord. Unfortunately, his father, Gōki Fudō, realized he doesn't have the heart of a protector and chose Reo instead. Furious over his father's decision, Sigma abandoned his path of becoming a Makai Knight and focused all his ambition, intelligence, and wrath by making himself into the most powerful Makai Priest.

Unfortunately, despite all his talents, his combination of rage and messiah-complex resulted him in making high-risk decisions, conspiring with dark forces to achieve his goals, and engineering the most dangerous invention of all time: Magōryū Idea. Through years of training and scheming, Sigma plans to destroy the Makai Knights Corps (possibly to spite his father and/or the corps for denying him) and return the prominence and superiority that he believe rightfully belongs to the Makai Priests. Taking his message throughout the world, he condemns the knights for their disrespect towards priests and calls forth radical changes by eliminating the corps and returning the priests as the true guardians against the dark forces; it is a rather ironic quest as he is clouded by darkness himself.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

A once-in-a-generation genius, Sigma was the most talented within amongst knights and priests alike; he succeeds even his younger twin, Reo Fudō. Trained as a Makai Knight, Sigma's martial arts is nearly unrivaled as he's able to fend off three knights in melee combat. Added to his high-level combat abilities, he's extremely skilled in magic, alchemy, curses, and necromancy. Through a combination of training, preparating, and utilizing dangerous tools, he used the power of Gyanon to grant him advanced magical capabilities and even the power to control Horror's blood. Although his magics are strong, it still has its limitations against a Makai Knight and he utilizes his Horror-powered arm to summon the Jaaku armor (a dark copy of any Makai Knight's armor duplicated from their shadows) for him to utilize in combat.


Early DaysEdit

Once, Reo and Sigma were trained as Makai Knights together by their father. Sigma was the talented one, but the two had the same brains that can help both priests and knights. Sigma was a kind brother to Reo. He also once teached his younger brother to some Makai Priest skills like spells and magic, which later Reo used on battles against Horror.

Losing to KnighthoodEdit

When the day comes to choose who is the next Lord, Sigma is eager to be the next. They were awaiting for the next Lord be chosen by the council, but Goki realizes that Sigma doesn't have a protector's heart, prompting the council to choose Reo over him to become Lord. Enraged that his "weaker" younger brother was chosen, Sigma gives up the title and leaves the family.

Creating Idea & Mio's DeathEdit

Sigma grows hatred for Makai Knights and begins tampering with dark forces. He creates the Magoryu, Idea. Taking advantage of a dead Horror body recently found, Sigma uses a lot of human sacrifice to revive the Horror and eliminate the Makai Knights, but hindered by his longtime friend Mio. Thinking she is getting in his way, Sigma fires a purple blast right into Mio's chest, killing her instantly.

Makai ChroniclesEdit

Sigma then begin a journey to eliminate the Makai Knights. Using his new, Horror-powered arm, he carves the Seal of Destruction on unfortunate Makai Knights who met him as the Red-Masked Man, including Kouga who had also become a victim. He met Reo again, only for Sigma to denounce him as a brother and claimed that Reo is someone who should die along with Kouga.

He enters the Madou Train to enter the True Makai World, making sure no one interfering. Unfortunately Kouga, having contacting the mystical Gajari and forming a deal with the being, appears in the Madou Train and cuts off his Horror arm, deactivating the Seal of Destruction in all Makai Knights who became his victim, including Kouga. Later, Sigma used Kouga's body and soul to perfect Gyanon's resurrection, assimilating him with the Horror.

But then Gyanon's body mysteriously responded to Sigma's minus energy: his ever-growing dark desire to annihilate every single Makai Knight from this Earth and take back "the responsibility once the Makai Priest had", slaying Horrors. Revived, Gyanon opened his eyes and devoured Sigma, at the same time had also assimilated with his creation, the "ultimate Magoryu" Idea, resulting in the Horror's androgynous human form.

In the finale after Gyanon is destroyed, he is still alive even with his Horror-powered arm cut away before in the Madou Train. He keeps Kaoru hostage, and challenges Kouga to fight. He lifts the Saejima Mansion with magic energy before wrecking it in battle against Kouga. They also once fight in their respective Makai Armors, but returns to their human forms.

Finally after a long, grueling battle, Sigma and Kouga jumped in mid-air. Landing on the chimney, Kouga kills Sigma by cutting him down, watched by Reo and Kaoru who is also in the broken mansion.

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