Sedinbale (セディンベイル Sedinbeiru) is an ancient Horror who can use word characters in her abilities and attacks, using printed words as gates. Her true form is a character that composes the Horror's body. The possessed woman Sedinabale possessed is portrayed by Asami (亜紗美?).

Makai SenkiEdit

Sedinbale (woman)

Sedinbale in a host body

Due to her vast Makai-related knowledge, Sedinbale is sealed with a Madō Book instead of being destroyed so Makai Priests can gain access to her knowledge. But during the events of Makai Senki, Sedinbale is released by Sigma Fudō to aid him in translate the old Makai script in his possession that details Gyanon. Once fulfilling her part in their arrangement, Sigma allows the Horror to act on her whim. Being pursued by Rekka and Kouga, Sedinbale takes the body of a young woman who surrounds herself in depraved words before targeting Kaoru. Revealing Kouga's condition with Kaoru present, Sedinbale battles Garo and Rekka before they manage to rip the main character from the Horror's body and seal it into a Madō Book.

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