Ryūga Dōgai
Ryuga Dougai (道外 流牙 Dōgai Ryūga)
Portrayed By:
  • Wataru Kuriyama

Ryūga Dogai is the primary protagonist in The One Who Shines in the Darkness and Goldstorm - Sho. He is a Makai Knight and the current wielder of the Garo armor; he's the new titled Golden Knight Garo.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Ryūga is a young Makai Knight that inherited the title of Golden Knight Garo after the Saezima bloodline. As the successor of the previous Garo, there are a lot of expectations for him to be strong and worthy to honor the title, however, such things never mattered to him. Like any young warrior, he's emotional, less disciplined, brash, and frequently bends and/or blatantly breaks rules established by the Makai Order. However, his emotions also makes him more compassionate, merciful, and warm towards others.

He originally trained to be Garo after his mother, Priestess Hakana Dōgai, wished to restore the golden shine of Garo. In conjunction to her mission, Ryūga would train under Priest Burai to become Garo while she attempted to re-energize the armor's power; due to the intervention of Tousei Kaneshiro, there was an incident that lead Burai to believe she died. Ryūga had a deep affection for his mother and was mainly motivated to become Garo to make her happy; when he finally succeeded in gaining the armor, he was furious to learn of her death after graduating and he wasn't told for years just so Burai could complete his training. It was because of that, he stormed off and ignored authority for some time.

Still walking the path of a knight, Ryūga independently traveled from one location to the next to cleanse all threats of Horrors before moving on; he lacks subtlety and his handiwork often risks public exposure to the Order's rule of secrecy. While he had Zaruba with him, the ring didn't like him too much and didn't want to form a contract with him, leaving him to fend for himself. However, he's confident in his abilities as he believes he's strong and will use his abilities to protect humanity against Horrors. To honor his mother's memory, he would always erect a small memorial at the best spots to show the beauty of every place he's been. Unknown to him, Burai continued to keep tabs on him as the priest feels responsible for his actions; things would dramatically change after his time at Volcity.

Ryūga later gained an Orders Document and answered the call to Volcity. Furious to know it was Burai that summoned him, he was against following him, but the priest reminded him it was he duty to fight evil and made him reluctantly cooperate. Burai gathered Garo, Flaming Sword Knight Zen, Sky Bow Knight Gai, and Priestess Rian for this special operation and Ryūga had friction with the group often. However, after enduring hardship and finding common ground, Ryūga eventually learned to be a team player and earned everyone's respect. He would have his closure after the past catches up with him.

Eventually, Ryūga and his team learned that a lot of the misfortunes that happened in the past is linked to Tousei Kaneshiro and Zedom. Tousei was actually a son of an exiled priestess and he misused information of the makai realm to help gain power through the Kaneshiro Corporation. Tousei secretly kidnapped and made Ryūga's mother breed Madou Horrors through Zedom and killed Rian's father. However, Ryūga was happy to be reunited with his mother and stopped blaming Burai. Sadly though, despite rescuing Hakana, her long term exposure to Zedom is slowly turning her into a Horror. Wishing to die as a human than a monster, Ryūga ended his mother's suffering; she had the chance to see him become Golden Knight Garo. She was happy to know her life's work wasn't in vain and proud of her son; her death had a haunting effect on him. After vanquishing Zedom, Ryūga found closure with his past and now happily moves forward.

After Volcity, Ryūga is now partnered with Rian and now answers to Ryume. He has since matured, but he remains passionate, volatile at times, and always looking for food from D Ringo. Despite everyone able to tell Rian's romantic feelings for Ryūga, he wasn't able to tell at all, despite having special empathic sensory abilities. Ryūga currently is battling against a corrupt makai couple, Jinga and Amily, from resurrecting Radan.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Ryūga is a trained Makai Knight; he's highly skilled in martial arts and hunting down Horrors. On top of his martial arts abilities, he's shown to be a skilled acrobat as he is able to leap tall bounds and jump across buildings while doing flips mid-air. He has a natural ability that stands unique amongst Makai Knights and Makai Priests: Ryūga has extra-sensory empathic abilities. By touching objects that had physical contact with other beings, humans and/or Horrors alike, he can sense the emotions, intentions, and passed conversations to reveal the truth behind the being in question. With this ability, he can tell if a person (or entity) is good or bad, truthful or dishonest, and uncover certain past events.

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Unlike those before him, Ryuga Dougai is not of the Saezima line. Growing up as a child on an isolated island, Ryuga had always been fascinated with the long blackened Garo armor since his visit to the Tower of Heroic Spirits as a child, and promised his mother Hakana that he would be its wearer someday. Ryuga trained under Burai's instruction on the island for ten years with Rago as his training partner before gaining the right to bear the Garo title. Though he killed Rago to complete his training, Ryuga takes his training partner's fang as a keepsake and began a life of solitude after being told that his mother died during his training, resenting the Makai Priest for not being able to protect his mother.

Not stationed in one place like Makai Knights usually are, Ryuga travels across Japan's cities to slay Horrors and erecting crude tombs overlooking them in memory of his mother. Eventually, Ryuga is sent to Vol City where he is reunited with Burai and reluctantly agrees to help him and the other Makai Knights stationed there. Finding himself facing Madō Horrors, Ryuga sees visions of his mother whenever hit by golden shock waves and emitted by the Madō Horrors' wounds that cause the Garo armor to momentarily regain its golden appearance as brief as the pain associated with it. While learning that they are behind the Horror residence of Vol City, Ryuga unwittingly gives the Kaneshiro Group enough evidence of his actions to create propaganda portraying him as a serial killer, and placing a ¥300,000,000 bounty on his head. However, Ryuga resolves the matter by going through with an meticulously elaborated plan to confirm Rivera's identity as a Madō Horror, retrieve a piece of material off of her for developing a Madō Horror Detector while faking his death at the Vol TV station.

After his confrontation with Hyena, Ryuga makes a grave marker for his mother on the cliff overlooking the Vol City with Rian's help. Though his mind is racing with thoughts of Vol City and the mystery of his armor's connections to them, Ryuga reaches the conclusion that destroying the Madō Horrors is the only way to obtain answers. After the revelation that Tousei is responsible for the Horrors in Vol City, learning that he is human, Ryuga is once more portrayed as a terrorist along with the rest of his group. Though he evades Tousei's attempt to make him into a Madō Horror, Ryuga ends up being blinded by Sonshi with the Garoken thrown into the lobby of Tousei's office where it remained. Despite extremely unfavorable odds due to his blindness and placed in solitary confinement, Ryuga escapes the SG1 prison and with timely aid from his fellow Knights, retrieves the Garoken. Soon after, finally acknowledged by Zaruba as they form a contract, Ryuga is reunited with his mother and learns that she was used by Tousei to sire Madō Horrors who are revealed to hold her memories. After Hakana gives up her own eyesight to restore his, Ryuga races off to the Hill of Zedom's Arm to save Rian, and finally kill Enhou through the combined efforts of him and Rian. After killing Enhou, hearing the last trances of the woman's humanity through her necklace, Ryuga vows to never have another innocent be sired as a Madō Horror.

In a bid to stop Zedom's resurrection, the group head for the slowly crumbling Hill of Zedom's Head and Ryuga knows right from the start that Burai intends to sacrifice himself. He eventually thanks Burai for all the priest has done for him, before heading to fight Sonshi and defeating him with the aid of his friends. With the Garo armor finally regains its brilliance, forced to kill his mother to spare her from becoming a Horror, Ryuga battles Zedom. During the fight, as the Horror attempts to consume him, Ryuga tells Zedom that the eyes he gained from his mother are a symbol of hope and future before he and the Makai Knights destroy him. With Vol City saved, Ryuga parts ways with his friends to not only build a grave marker for his mother in the Makai Priest ruins, but also deal with Tousei since he is now a Horror. After Rian kills Tousei in his stead, Ryuga accepts her request for her to join him in his southward journey.

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  • Ryūga is currently the only Garo possessor to not enter the Lost Soul Beast mode.
  • Both Ryuga and Leon Luis, Protagonist of Garo, Honoo no Kokuin appear to share similar fighting stances, holding their blade against the outside of their opposite hand

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