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  • Alive - Street Florist Vendor
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Rui Suzaki is an orphaned girl that works in a flower shop in the events of The One Who Shines in the Darkness.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Rui comes from a family with bad luck on their side, it made her into a cynic about life. However, her supportive family continues to be optimistic for her and she tries not to let her feelings bring down her little brother. She and her family immigrated to Volcity in hopes to start anew and there was great promise that their lives would change with a new house and a fresh start; her life will be forever changed after living in Vol City. Rui deveoped feelings for Flaming Knight Zen and the feeling was mutual. However, Takeru was undercover and she thought he was a vagabond as he tried to convince her Volcity isn't for her. Believing Volcity will make her family's dreams come true, the Suzaki were lured to a Horror trap and poised to be fed when the Makai Knights saved Rui. Unfortunately, Rui was the only survivor and Makai Priestess Rian spared her the trauma by magically altering her memories. Rui now believes she's an orphan and never had a family.

With Rui's memories of her family erased, she started anew as a florist assistant in Volcity. Takeru was driven by both guilt and love of Rui to keep tabs on her and eventually the two became boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite her altered memories, her past experiences compels her to observe the beauty of the moon (something Rui and her family enjoyed doing together) and her emotional attachment to Takeru's hair braid. Unfortunately, dark forces are constantly at work and Rui, along with Volcity, was exposed to the horror of Zedom. To protect the secrets of the Makai world, Rian magically altered Volcity's citizens to forget everything involving the Makai realm, including the people they met. With her memories altered a second time, Rui had forgotten about Takeru and he left Rui alone for her protection.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Cooking: Rui is a good cook and makes a great onigiri (rice ball).
  • Florist: After getting a job at a local florist shop, Rui attained skills as a florist and a cashier. Whe later becomes a small business owner by selling her own flowers.


Early DaysEdit

Immigration to Vol City & Meeting TakeruEdit

New Life & Re-Meeting TakeruEdit

After losing her family, Rian magically altered her memories; she never had a family and she wasn't the sole survivor of a Horror attack that devoured her family. Rui now believes she's an orphan and recently found a job at a Vol City floral shop to work. Rui would re-encounter Takeru again as he felt guilty of unable to save her family and equally his love for her. Watching from a distance, Takeru saved Rui from falling off a chair and sparked a friendship. Although she wasn't sure why, she was drawn to Takeru's Makai hair braid, but only thought of it as a nice item. Eventually though, Takeru made his intentions clear, that he wants to be someone she can count on and both agreed they feel something for each other. However, the shadow war against the Horrors would interfere in their budding romance.

Zedom's Awakening & Restarting LifeEdit

When Rui saw Takeru again, SG1 forces brought her to see him and by then, he had lost his right arm (due to his fight against the Madou Horrors). Although Takeru promised he'll be back for her, it would be the last thing she'll remember. After Zedom's awakening, the Makai Knights successfully defeated Zedom, but his awakening also exposed the inhabitants of Vol City about Horrors and the Makai realm. To protect the secrets of the Makai world, Rian casted a spell over the entire city, to erase and alter everyone's memories of the Horror event; it also erased Rui's memories as well. Re-starting life for a third time, Rui is now a small business owner that sells flowers as a street vendor. Takeru visited Rui, but this time, he only bought flowers from her and walked away, as he painfully believed this is for the best for both of them.


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  • Rui is the only character to fall in love twice for Takeru Jakuzure and also had her memories erased twice.

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