Rin Saejima
Rin S 4
Rin & Taiga
Rin & Taiga's Sprit
Portrayed By:
  • Junko Tashiro
  • Deceased - Died of Terminal Illness

Rin Saejima (冴島 りん, Saejima Rin?) is the wife to Taiga Saejima and mother to Kouga Saejima. She died before the events of Chapter of the Black Wolf, but didn't appear until the events of Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun.

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Little is known about Rin's history. She was trained as a Makai Priestess under Priestess Garai in Kantai and considered a highly skilled priestess of her time; she would eventually meet and marry Taiga Saezima and give birth to Kouga. According to Garai, her career was put aside to be a wife and mother. In a flashback it's revealed her martial arts skills are on par with Taiga and always had baby Kouga close to her.

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Rin's life was tragically cut short due an unknown illness. She left this life when Kouga was only two years old. Kouga doesn't remember her, but is reminded by Taiga of their time together as a family. Like Taiga, Rin is a spirit that watches over Kouga. However, Rin doesn't interact with his son like Taiga does. She's a quiet bystander and only appeared once in the events of Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun. She has since never made a return, suggestively, she moved on in the afterlife.

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