Rekka Tougen
Rekka Pose
Portrayed By:

Mary Matsuyama

Status: Alive

Rekka is a Makai Priestess. She first appears in Red Requiem and later return for Flash Makai Knight, Tougen Flute, Makai Tales, and Dragon Blood.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Rekka is a Makai Priestess in a long bloodline of Makai warriors. Growing up, she aspired to become a Makai Knight, regardless of the order's rules not permitting women to join; her personality evolved into tomboy, resenting her feminine nature as it kept her from becoming a knight and forced her to be trained as a Makai Priestess instead. Rekka's father was her entire world until the Apostle Horror Karma took her father's life. Since that time, she devoted herself into the offensive arts of the Makai order to avenge her father. Obsessed and raging for vengeance against Horrors, Rekka is often rude to others and reckless in her decisions; she endangers herself along with those that serve with her. It wasn't until Kouga's arrival and their battle to end Karma that gained closure and lessened her rage. While she learned to be more considerate and respectful towards people, she still often responds in a stern and rude tone. Because she has romantic feelings for Kouga, he is one of the few people in her life that she shows kindness, loyalty, and devotion. In one of the most ironic aspects of her, she dislikes women in general, thinking them as noisy and annoying despite being one herself; she doesn't think of herself as a woman.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Rekka studied a combination of Makai magical arts and Makai martial arts. To effectively battle against Horrors, Rekka uses a combination of magic and martial arts to enhance her effectiveness in combat. While other priests carry a standard Makai Brush, she carries a customized Makai Flute that can become a brush (in remembrance of her father). She also developed a form of elemental water summoning. As part of a summoning technique, she can use her brush to bring forth water and she uses the water to help bring forth Fish Dragons that eats away its target. However, the very same creatures she summons can also be used as a tracking device as it returns to Rekka and gives her directions to her target. She also carries a small retractable soul metal knife for combat. While she's a competent offensive fighter, Kouga remarks her defensive skills needs improvement.

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Early DaysEdit

Rekka was born into the Makai world since she was a infant. Her father, Kengi, is a Makai Knight, but her mother was never mentioned. Due to unknown circumstances, Rekka's mother was never mentioned; while there's no confirmations, it's suggested that she died when Rekka was very young (however, she could just be not in the picture) and Kengi raised her alone. Both Kengi and Rekka have a close relationship and Rekka always desired to become a Makai Knight, but due to the fact she's a girl, the Makai Order would never allow her to become a knight; she reluctantly had to settle in the path to become a priestess.

When Rekka became of age (approximately around ten), Kengi sent her to a secluded training camp to be trained in the ways of the Makai Priests. Although she practiced and trained in magic, she never once stopped her ambition in becoming a Makai Knight. One day, while training, she accidentally bumped into a group of young boys training to become Makai Knights. While she didn't realize it at the time, it was her first encounter with Kouga Saezima and she exclaimed that also wants to become a knight before being pulled way by the other young priestesses-in-training.

A few years later, though not fully specific, Kenji died when he was sent to hunt to Horror Karma. When Rekka learned of this, she became obsessed in destroying Horrors and trained hard to become a strong enough priestess to not rely on Makai Knights.

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Used Zero's two sword fighting style during the events of Tougen Flute.



It is shown on Makai Senki that Rekka has upmost respect in Jabi's skills, indicating a master-pupil or a senpai-kouhai(veteran-begginner) partnership. This is furthered when Rekka became an apprentice under Jabi and in the events of Tougen Flute. Plus the two became good friends due to their ties to Kouga.

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