Rei Suzumura
Zero Transform
Zero Transforming
Portrayed By:
  • Ginga Suzumura (original)
  • Rei Suzumura (current name)
  • Zero (addressed by Silva)
  • Alive - On Secret Mission

Rei Suzumura formerly known as Ginga Suzumura is a Makai Knight and successor to the title of Zero the Silver Fanged Knight in the events of Chapter of the Black Wolf, Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun, Makai Flash Knight, and The Makai Flower. Rei would later have his own spin-off story in Black Blood and Dragon Blood.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Rei is an orphan and was taken in by the former Zero, Dōji, as his successor. Although raised and trained as a Makai Knight, Rei had a good life as he lived in a luxurious mansion and engaged to be married to his beloved Shizuka; Dōji had concerns that Rei didn't have what it takes to be a full-fledged knight due to his kind and gentle nature. However, that would dramatically change after Dōji and Shizuka were murdered by a mysterious knight that greatly resembled Garo. Driven by sadness, rage, and vengeance, his turn to the dark side ironically gave him the conviction and combative quality Dōji hoped he would acquire.

Without the people that mattered most to him, Ginga renamed himself Rei (meaning Zero as a reference to both his armor and how he feel's about himself). He feels the person who he once was is gone and his personal identity no longer mattered. While parts of his better nature still existed, he was too driven by his unsatiated rage to be reliable and trusted in his duties as a knight and as a person. Because his only clue to the death of his loved ones was Garo, Rei was convinced that Kouga had something to do with his family's death and often clashed with Kouga in his professional and personal life. Only after he finally learned the true killer was Kiba the Dark Knight that Rei reconciled with Kouga to help defeat him. After the death of Kiba, Rei got closure and he became a gentler person once more. However, after such personal loss, he decided to limit his bonds to avoid the pain of losing people he cared for; he never got himself involved with personal relationships anymore nor took on a disciple, leading a lone-wolf path.

An aspect of his overall character that didn't change is his flirtatious and child-like nature. Originally not a lover of sweets, he once saved the daughter of a baker and rewarded him with delicious cakes. He has since developed a profound love for sweets and its one of the rare things he takes the joy out of life, giving him a reason to smile. He also has a particular soft spot for women, often treating them better than men, complimenting on their beauty and making suggestive chatter; he never went beyond just talk due to his lone-wolf nature. With Silva as his only partner in life, he even flirts with his magical tool as she is the only constant thing to keep him company.

By the events of Dragon Blood, Rei showed interest in Alice Hiromi and was reluctant to admit his feelings for her. However, at the moment of her death, Rei was able, to be honest in her final moments. Her death becomes a new marker in his life, but it's unclear did it help him become a better person or more distant because of it. The former seemed to be likely, as events of The Makai Flower revealed that he became eager to took young Raiga as his disciple so he can become the next Garo, having made a promise with Kouga beforehand. He keeps a miniature Dragon Egg with him as the only surviving memento of Alice.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Knight Training: Dōji privately trained Rei to be highly proficient in combat. His combat skills only became higher after developing a lifelong rivalry with Garo the Golden Knight. While never clamoring for glory, his history with Garo and the Horrors he defeated gained him notoriety and he's considered the 2nd strongest or equally as strong as Garo within the makai community.
  • Poison Resistance: Rei was trained to be resistant to various poisons as part of his training. He has built such a tolerance that he would only experience minor discomfort after drinking a lethal dose that would kill a normal person.
  • French: Before becoming a knight, Rei had a good education and picked up French as evident when he spoke to Ring in French.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Ginroken (銀狼剣 Ginrōken, Silver Wolf Swords): Rei wields a pair of short Makai Blades, As a dual-sword user, Rei relies on speed and his agility to take down targets. In its dormant form, the blades are short straight swords. However, the blades can act as grappling hooks as the handle can separate from the blade, held together with a high-tension wire. It is often used to gain height distance to strike down a target, but also to close the distance in sword combat. When Rei dons his armor, the swords take the form of dual sabers that resemble scimitars. These can be locked together to form a huge crescent-shaped double-bladed staff sword called the Ginga Ginroken (銀牙銀狼剣 Ginga Ginrōken, Silver Fanged Silver Wolf Sword). It can be thrown and used as a massive boomerang and Rei often uses it to distract his opponent for an opportune moment to strike.
  • Silva: Rei's Madōgu, the sentient necklace is his closest friend and confidant in his life.
  • Evil-Crushing Dagger: Rei once using this assassination weapon against Kouga Saejima under suspicion of killing his family. However, he never used this weapon afterwards, presumably confiscated by Makai Order for breaking rules.


Chapter of the Black WolfEdit

Once known as Ginga Suzumura (涼邑 銀牙), is Zero the Silver Fanged Knight of the Western District. He was an orphan and the former knight that wielded the Zero armor took pity on him and raised Ginga as his son and heir to inherit the armor and start his own lineage; therefore the tradition of guardianship survives. Though trained as a Makai Knight, Ginga didn't have the tenacity or murderous intent to be a true warrior. One fateful night, however, Shizuka and Dōji were killed by a warrior who suspiciously resembled Garo the Golden Knight. So Ginga renamed himself Rei and dons the armor of Zero, both a pun on "Zero", with the intention to get back at the Makai Knight that took his loved ones away ever since.

During Rei's quest for revenge, he violated a host of protocols expected of a Makai Knight, from leaving his western territory post to a direct attack on Kouga. Because Rei wasn't sure if Kouga was the same Garo that had taken his family, he remained constantly uncooperative and even started fights with him to vent out his anger. Later in the series, the Watchdogs of the East try to frame Kouga for his family's death; Rei would later discover the true killer was Barago and ally himself with Garo. As the truths of matters unfold he became a caring friend for Kouga because their object of vengeance is Barago. Rei and Kouga later visited the Western Watchdog where they reported and were ordered to assassinate Barago and Gulm. Because of Rei's tall list of violations, he wasn't allowed to participate in Kouga's mission, but Kouga argued on his behalf, needing his power. Rei's suspension was relinquished and he joined Kouga in dealing with Barago and Gulm.

During Kouga's dark transformation it was Rei who helped Kouga snap out of his darkness. Gulm tried to stop the duo from reaching Barago and Kaoru, but Rei decided to stay behind to deal with her, allowing Kouga to press forward. She assumed Shizuka's form and tried to trick him. He soon saw through her illusion because the real Shizuka would have addressed Rei as Ginga. After a very difficult fight, Rei almost died, but survived a mortal blow because Silva took the hit. After a losing fight against Gulm, he took the opportunity of her overconfident victory and killed her. After Barago's defeat, Rei presented Kouga with a reforged Zaruba as proof of their friendship and remained in the Eastern district to protect it while Kouga went northward.

Beast of the White NightEdit

In GARO: Beast of the White Night, Rei was assigned to help guard the upcoming Kantai ceremony from Horrors' attack. He saved Hyuga and Akatsuki (Tsubasa's disciples) from the Karakuri Horrors. After aiding Kouga and Tsubasa in their fight against Legules, he returns back to his district.

Makai Flash KnightEdit

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Demon Dragon of the Blue CriesEdit

After Garo left for the Promised Land, Rei visited Kantai to attend the Judgement Tournament. A Makai Knight combat competition, the winner will get a magical amulet that allows him to visit the Land of The Dead to temporarily be reunited with lost loved ones. While watching Tsubasa train new younglings to be the next generation of knights, Tsubasa and Rei talk about the competition. Rei had hoped Tsubasa would avoid using magic, but Leo pointed out it's legal so long as the fighter won't use a brush for direct magical combat. Promising to go all out on each other, Rei won the fight and got the amulet. Although Rei proved he's the strongest knight in the competition, he knew he never successfully defeated Kouga in combat. After winning the amulet and walking by a cliff, Rei realized Kouga had returned from the Promised Land and the two had their own private match. While Silva thought Rei would bring back Shizuka or Dōji back, he decided to summon Taiga, the former Garo, for a 3-way match. Taiga would leave the fight, allow for the two to properly fight. The results of the match are unclear as there was no definitive victor. It is presumed either Rei lost again or it was a draw.

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The Makai FlowerEdit

Several years have passed and Rei maintained his lone wolf lifestyle. In between that time, Kouga and Kaoru married and started a family. They had their only son, Raiga, and he was being groomed to become the next Garo. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when the couple vanished when Raiga was only six years old. Rei had promised Kouga at some point that he'll train Raiga at the age of ten, should something happen to him. At exactly on Raiga's tenth birthday, Rei fulfilled his promise by training Raiga.

Unsure of his resolve and abilities, Rei tested Raiga's combat abilities and was surprised by his combat skills and use of tactics. After verifying his strength, Rei had to see Raiga's resolve by taking him on a Horror hunt to see if he can handle a knight's life. After verifying Raiga's deduction skills, he allowed him to confront his first Horror. Unfortunately, Raiga was still a child and didn't have the strength to defeat it; Rei intervened and showed him the horrible truth of a Horror's nature and vanquished it in his armor. Back at a public out, where they started their hunt, Rei asked him to decide between a civilian's life or a knight's life, warning him the price he'll pay for his decision. To Rei's pleasure, Raiga wants to be a knight and Rei adopted his first disciple. Afterwards, Rei brought Raiga back home and properly celebrated Raiga's birthday. After training Raiga though, he disappeared on an unknown journey, vowing to return.

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