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  • Alive - Protector of the Blue Region

Raiga Saejima is the son of Kouga Saejima and Kaoru Mitsuki and heir to the Golden Knight Garo title. He is the protagonist in The Makai Flower.

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Son to Kouga Saejima and Kaoru Mitsuki, Raiga is the heir to the Saejima bloodline and the next Golden Knight. Though not without his own trials and hardships, Raiga was raised in a loving environment surrounded by family and people who cared for him. A stark contrast to the harsher upbringing his father endured.

Although not an orphan, Raiga lost his parents due to Eyrith's manipulation of time and space. Taking Kaoru, Kouga chased after her and the two have been missing for over a decade, lost in between dimensions; Gonza ended up being the guardian to another heir without parents. A major difference though is that both Kouga and Kaoru are still alive outside of the human realm. Raiga didn't realize that until later.

The loss of his parents became Raiga's fundamental motivation to succeed his father as the next Garo. Despite not having a master to apprentice under, Raiga trained diligently towards this goal; his natural athleticism and combat ability surprising even Silver Knight, Rei Suzumura. Impressed by his tenacity, Rei would eventually take him as his disciple who would train him as a proper Makai Knight. After succeeding and proven himself worthy within the Tower of Heroic Spirits, it as then he learned his father is still alive, fighting to come back with Kaoru. However, Kouga realized there would come a day he must relinquish his armor for his son and Kouga transfer ownership to Raiga. Overjoyed to know his parents are still out there, Raiga found peace in this knowledge and resolve to be a great knight.

Raiga is probably one of the kindest of knights. While most knights show apathy and mercilessness in their fights against Horrors, Raiga displays a great degree of humanity, kindness, and consideration with the people he encounters. When it came to slaying a possessed human, he can display sadness and regret over their demise. So kind and considerate, others that work with him remark his kindness as a weakness. However, that loving and caring aspect about him is also why people respect him. Despite being softer and having heart, he never lost perspective and it helped him remain an effective knight.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Raiga was trained later than most children in the makai path. While it was never explained, it was presumed Kaoru wanted Raiga to have a more normal childhood before giving him the choice of becoming a knight or remain a civilian. As such, it seems Kouga never taught Raiga the Saejima clan's combat style. However, he became proficient in his own style of combat through a combination of personal training and knight training from Rei Suzumura.

Raiga fights in a noticeably different style that is more fluid and precise, yet flashy, and less aggressive. While it's unclear did he surpass his father's combat skills, Raiga is capable of drawing and sheathing his blade repeatedly in stylish manners without looking. During battle, he displays a high level of hand-eye coordination and reflexes in reaction. When given the opportunity, Raiga intentionally prolongs a fight to toy as well as study his opponent in melee combat before drawing his blade. Even when he does draw out his sword, he prefers to remain defensive and gauge his opponent before attacking. This helps Raiga fight with confidence without experiencing any surprise attacks, but it also gives the opponent the chance to bring out their full power. However, he's smart enough to only toy with weaker opponents and swiftly take down the stronger ones.

Tools & WeaponsEdit

  • Garoken (牙狼剣 Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword)
    • Garo Armor: Donning the armor of Garo the Golden Knight, Raiga possesses all the strength and weaknesses of his predecessors that include the 99.9-second time limit. Unlike his father, Raiga can use unconventional features of the armor like conjuring Blazing Armament at will without a Madoubi Lighter and use harpoon blades at the back of the armor. The eyes of his armor are blue.
  • Zaruba
  • Madō Lighter
  • Mayuri: Considered a magical tool and not a person, Mayuri was given to Raiga to help hunt down and seal the Ady Slab Horrors and stop Eyrith. As the only living human with the magical ability to seal darkness from her own body, she was instrumental in helping Raiga style Eyrith. However, because she is still a human being, she ultimately developed feelings for Raiga and her experiences as a human being.


Early DaysEdit

Born to Kouga Saejima and Kaoru Mitsuki, Raiga is part of the Saejima Clan, a bloodline that has long fought against the Horrors. As a child, Raiga lost his parents to an event and the family's trusted bulter Gonza took the responsibility of raising Raiga. Though Raiga had the freedom to choose his path, he decided to become a Makai Knight like his father before him. When he goes of the Tower of Heroic Spirits to receive the Garo title, Raiga learns that his father is still alive while entrusted with the armor.

Meeting MayuriEdit

Some time after becoming the current Garo, Raiga is informed about an ancient evil named Eyrith released from the Ady Slate and that a magic tool is being sent from the Senate to assist him with both it and the nine Horrors used to form the Ady Slate. Raiga's investigation leads him to a mysterious girl and the Ady Slate Horror named Azdab who transformed into a small stone instead of being sealed with Garoken upon death. The girl introduces herself as Mayuri, a magic tool in human form that can seal the stone within her body. Soon after, learning that one of the eight remaining Horrors from the Ady Slate contains the seed of Eyrith, Raiga gains additional aid from the Makai Knight known as Crow. While gaining Goten upon his hundredth kill, Raiga defeats three more Horrors from the Ady Slate.

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