Raiga Saejima
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Raiga Saejima (冴島雷牙 Saejima Raiga) is the son of Kouga Saezima and heir to the Golden Knight Garo title. He is the protagonist in The Makai Flower.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Raiga is a easy-going and sociable compared to his father but has the same side as his father went it comes to protecting humans, believing that all lives are beautiful and like his father has dedicated his life to exterminating Horrors.

He seems to have interest in painting like his mother, Kaoru, but does not have the skill for it.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Raiga fights in a noticeably different style that is more fluid and precise, yet flashy and less aggressive. His swordsmanship also surpasses that his father's, capable of drawing and sheathing his blade repeatedly in stylish manners without looking, even during battle. Unlike his father, he prefers to toy around with his opponent barehanded before drawing his blade, and even after doing so, prefers to remain defensive and gauge his opponent before going into offence.

Tools & WeaponsEdit


A sword wielded by all Golden Knights.


Donning the armor of Garo the Golden Knight, Raiga possesses all the strength and weaknesses of his predecessors that include the 99.9-second time limit. Unlike his father, Raiga can use unconventional features of the armor like conjuring Blazing Armament at will without a Madoubi Lighter and use harpoon blades at the back of the armor. The eyes of his armor are blue.


Early DaysEdit

Born to Kouga Saezima and Kaoru Mitsuki, Raiga is part of the Saezima Clan, a bloodline that has long fought against the Horrors. As a child, Raiga lost his parents to an event and the family's trusted bulter Gonza took the responsibility of raising Raiga. Though Raiga had the freedom to choose his path, he decided to become a Makai Knight like his father before him. When he goes of the Tower of Heroic Spirits to receive the Garo title, Raiga learns that his father is still alive while entrusted with the armor.

Meeting MayuriEdit

Some time after becoming the current Garo, Raiga is informed about an ancient evil named Eyrith released from the Ady Slate and that a magic tool is being sent from the Senate to assist him with both it and the nine Horrors used to form the Ady Slate. Raiga's investigation leads him to a mysterious girl and the Ady Slate Horror named Azdab who transformed into a small stone instead of being sealed with Garoken upon death. The girl introduces herself as Mayuri, a magic tool in human form that can seal the stone within her body. Soon after, learning that one of the eight remaining Horrors from the Ady Slate contains the seed of Eyrith, Raiga gains additional aid from the Makai Knight known as Crow. While gaining Goten upon his hundredth kill, Raiga defeats three more Horrors from the Ady Slate.

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