Kaguya (赫夜)
Family: adopted parents

Kaguya is a princess who was raised by an elderly couple, apparently found by her foster father as an infant in a bamboo stalk and was born from the moon. She possesses mysterious abilities, including the power to heal wounds with a light touch. Kaguya had many suitors, but they were all slaughtered and it was believed she was a Horror. In truth, Kaguya's foster parents ended up becoming hosts for Horrors due to their greed, demanding expensive and rare treasures as gifts from suitors in Kaguya's name. Once Raikou slays the Horrors, Kaguya decides to return to the moon, having lost the only two people who compelled her to remain on Earth.


Unlike most of the cast, Kaguya is based on an old Japanese tale rather than a historical figure.

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