The Phantom Makai Knights are a blacks ops group of the Makai Knight order.

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Phantom Makai Knights (also called shadow-folk or shadow knights) are a covert group of Makai Knights who operate discretely within the shadows. They are without territory; the knights are allowed to travel across multiple territories to handle special missions while answering to only the Watchdogs. They are tasked to take on some of the hardest missions that require the coordinated efforts of an entire platoon of knights. However, the full description of their group are not fully defined due to limited information. Based on observation though, there are notable differences and similarities between regular knights and phantom knights.

A phantom knight's training differs from a typical knight. Traditionally, a knight is trained between a master and a disciple until the disciple is self-proficient to operate solo. With the phantom knights, they are trained as a group by a master and senior disciples. However, unlike other knights, they remain working together as a group and maintain ties to their unit after their training is completed.

Organized in platoons, the phantom knights are a separate division of knights within the order. fledgling knights train and serve under their master and work in teams. Because a master can't always be there for his knights, senior disciples might temporarily act as their commander until their master returns. Operating as a platoon, the most well-trained within their group become squad leaders and/or become solo operatives for special missions.

The phantom knights themselves bear no identity nor title. It suggests the knights are a collective of orphans, possibly repurposed parentless children within their realm. As a group of title-free knights, their merits aren't acknowledged nor known within the makai realm. However, there is some confusion to this matter as Eiji Busujima, a platoon leader, bears a title and is a knight of the senate despite no one else has that privilege.


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