The Original Series are the collective works of Garo, involving the main protagonist Kouga Saejima. As the franchise progressed and expanded, new works were created that took inspiration from the original and made it something new.

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The entire Garo series was started by the first series, Chapter of the Black Wolf. While the original series wasn't a phenomenal success, it did gain a following and that allowed creator and director, Keita Amemiya, to continue developing Garo. With the success of Demon Beast of the White Night, Red Requiem, and its pachinko games, a second season was created, Makai Flash Knight. By then, the Garo story established a firm ground about Kouga Saejima's story and the people behind the Garo franchise decided to take production to different directions, starting with creating the Ryūga-verse (an alternative universe from Garo). Eventually, they would lead to spin-offs and animation developments like the ZERO Series and the Anime Series.

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