Moloch (モロク Moroku)

Moloch is a two-toned Yin-Self Horror with control over the elements of ice and fire, launching his hands to attack his enemies or kill his victims. Moloch is unique as he had two human hosts within the duration of the first series.


Miri Kamisugawa

Miri Kamisugawa

Moloch was brought into the world by the morbid sadness of Miri Kamisugawa (神須川 美理 Kamisugawa Miri), a woman who killed six young men and collected their fingers after her pianist boyfriend committed suicide for being robbed of his dream. The Horror rapes/possesses her, using her intent to kill a remaining four men for their fingers while eating the rest. However, Garo kills Moloch with only the ring Miri got from her boyfriend remaining.

Yūki Kamisugawa

Yūki Kamisugawa

Eventually obtaining the ring, Yūki Kamisugawa (神須川 祐樹Kamisugawa Yūki) learned of his daughter's death and was given Moloch's essence dagger and special bullets forged from other purified blades. Intent on revenge for his daughter, Yūki uses the bullets to create a pack of Horrors to help him kill Kouga. But after they are all killed, and he is denied death because of his humanity, Yūki stabs himself and became Moloch's new host. However, Yūki feels the pain that his daughter suffered and has Garo end his misery before the demon fully consumes him.


  • Named after the demon Moloch.
  • Miri and Yuki are respectively portrayed by Erika (エリカ?) and Reo Morimoto (森本 レオMorimoto Reo?).

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