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Mendoza is the main antagonist of GARO: The Animation.

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Originally a Makai Priest, Mendoza served the Senate and believed the Makai Order should be revered as gods by humanity for having protected them from Horrors. But was excommunicated for creating Zirkel's Circle, a powerful Madō Tool that uses human blood to allow one to control Horrors. Combined with his apathy towards humans and ideals, Mendoza was branded with glowing red marks all over his body with his descendants cursed so his line would forever be banished from the Makai order. During his wandering in exile, he came the kingdom of Valiante under the pretext of a monk and entered the service of Fernando San Valiante. Medoza used his hidden talents as a Makai Priest to predict the outcomes of battles and to heal the sick during an epidemic. As a reward for his services, Fernando gave him a beautiful bride and a position as royal advisor. But when his wife gave birth to their child, Medoza is reminded his curse as he murdered his wife and child to spare them and the midwife to conceal his secret. After dumping the corpses into the sea, a hate-filled Mendoza vows revenge on the Makai Order while plotting to revive the ancient Horror Anima to become a living god by becoming the Horror's vessel.

Mendoza begins his plan by poisoning Fernando and used the king's Christian faith an excuse to begin a systematic slaughter of residing Makai Knights and Priests under the cover of a witch hunt. With the assistance of his aide Octavia who denounced Christianity to follow him and the fallen Makai Knight Bernardo Dión, Mendoza manages to isolate Valiante from the Makai Order while having the Horrors under his control assume key positions in the country's government. Within a year's time, Mendoza torture and execute hundreds of Makai practitioners in Valiante while trapping their souls within a crystal designed to resurrect Anima.

Among his victims was a pregnant Makai Priestess named Anna who is of the line of Makai Knights who bear the title of Garo. Mendoza proceeds to have Anna burned while she was giving birth to her son León Luís, her husband Germán Luís saving the infant after breaking out of his cell. After apologizing to the king for unforeseen events, Mendoza focuses on finding Germán to kill him and his son before the latter becomes a threat to his plans.

Seventeen years later, after a failed attempt by the Horror Metakrim and the soldiers in his service to kill a teenaged Leon, Mendoza learns from Octavia of the golden cross pendant with the Garo emblem that prince Alfonso San Valiante received on his birthday from his mother. Furious to learn that a branch of the Garo line has not been noticed this whole time, Mendoza stages a coup d'état by poisoning the king and framing Queen Esmeralda for treason as Alfonso was forced to flee for his life. Mendoza later finds a tapestry of the Knight of Light and burns it.


Mendoza after absorbing Anima

Later, while facing Alfonso and León as they reach to Santa Bard, Mendoza ends up being unceremoniously and abruptly killed by Bloodmoon when he summoned the Horror to combat Alfonso after he is forced to relive his cousin of the Garo Armor. Despite his apparent death, Mendoza somehow survived as he continues his agenda from under Santa Bard castle with a majority of his followers. But while Medoza's others followers are unaware of his survival, including Octavia as her true loyalties have yet to be exposed, Garm knew of the ex-Makai Priest's survival as she gives Germán the task to protect him despite knowing his true intentions. Despite being mortally wounded in the attempt to stop him, Mendoza succeeds in reviving Anima and absorbing the Horror to become a living god.


Mendoza being burned for eternity

In a final gambit to stop Mendoza from wrecking havoc on the world with his new power, León drags the villain into the Makai realm where the Horrors originate from. In is there in the Makai that Anna's spirit makes her presence known when she transfers the flames from her son's protective seal onto Mendoza, having the evil man be consumed in the flames. As a consequence of his immortality, unable to die as he is reduced to a charred skeleton, Mendoza is forced to remain in the Makai in a state of pure agony from being endlessly burned alive.

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  • Due to the Spanish Inquisition-style setting of the series storyline, Mendoza may have been loosely based off Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada.
  • Mendoza's final defeat reflects the middle ages' ideal of Hell in terms of being consumed in hellfire, along with the poetic justice-type punishment established by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy.

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