Masahiko Washizu

Masahiko Washizu

Masahiko Washizu (鷲頭 正彦 Washizu Masahiko?, 2): The manager of Kaneshiro Real Estate, tending to only his Horror powers whenever dealing with someone proving to be a hassle. Though killed by Ryuga, a scale from Washizu's body ends up in the possession of a youth named Shin who used it as a guitar pick before Ryuga destroys it.

Masahiko Washizu (Mado Horror Form)

Masahiko's Mado Horror Form

Trivia Edit

  • Masahiko Washizu is portrayed by Junichi Haruta (春田 純一 Haruta Jun'ichi?) who previously portrayed Ryu Hoshikawa in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman and Kanpei Kuroda in Dai Sentai Goggle V.

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