Makai Priests (魔戒法師, Makai Hōshi) are practitioners of magic and serve as assistants for the Makai Knights in their un-ending war against Horrors.

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Makai Priests (or priestesses) are based on the fantastic mythical aspects of Taoist Priests, a Daoshi. The priests are trained to utilize a combination of mysticism, magic, elemental manipulation, martial arts, alchemy, necromancy, healing, blacksmithing, and summoning techniques to help them battle against the forces of darkness; they were the original defenders against Horrors long before the creation of the Makai Knights. However, the priests' roles had evolved into support units for the knights.

The priests created anti-Horror devices, spells, enchantments, and weapons to support the Makai Knights. In addition, they possess a vast knowledge of spells and purification techniques. They have seals/talisman scrolls for spells, a brush to perform seals, madougus, and have prefabricated devices used to defend or attack.

In humanity's darkest moments, it was the Makai Priests that stood as the light against the Horrors. However, despite all their abilities, they were only strong enough to destroy weak Horrors and slowed their advancements. Ultimately, they resolved the problem by creating the Makai Knights corps and their campaign became a success; since the deployment of the Makai Knights, the priests served as a supportive role to the knights.

As back-up, the priests provided madogus, like Zaruba and Silva, to advise and detect Horrors for the knights. They also designed spiritual sensors that detect dark energies to help warn and prepare both the knights and the order of impending danger(s). When a knight have complications in defeating a Horror, it is often a priest that provides a solution to help defeat the Horror(s). Most recently, the priests have the Gouryuu in their possession. With the new addition to their arsenal, the priests now have the ability to take an offensive role against the Horrors.

Life of a PriestEdit

Makai Priests starts from childhood. When children are born into the makai realm, the boys have a choice of either becoming a priest or a Makai Knight. However, since girls are banned from joining knighthood, they only have the choice of becoming a priestess. The complete picture of how priests are trained wasn't never clearly defined, but of the available evidence given, once the child chooses the path of priesthood, they are enrolled into a special school that will train them in the basics of magic.

Separated by their sexes, the boys and girls are secretly trained within hidden forests where the makai realm doesn't meet with civilians. From there, they have an instructor that will teach them such things as spell casting and defensive magical arts. As the priests are also expected to face Horrors, they are trained in martial arts and taught how to dispose of Horrors. However, just like Makai Knights, some priests were taught by schools, others were privately trained by either family and/or a talented priest. In either path, once they reach to a certain maturity in their abilities, they are assigned to a veteran priest for additional training. However, unlike the knights, the life of a priest has many paths after basic training.

For priests that wish to enter the front lines, they will have an apprenticeship with a seasoned priest in the offensive and defensive arts against Horrors. Those who wish to specialize in healing can study makai medicine, where they learn how to cure the infested, the cursed, the magically injured, and heal wounds for the knights. Others who wish to master forging can learn from one of their specialized craftsman to master magical item creation such as making a knight's armor. Because there's a expansive role for priests, they can practice a multitude of unique professions and can specialize a combination of several fields if they have the talent.

Because the makai world is secret, most priests often marry within their society. It's common for knights to find a priestess bride or priests finding love with each other. However, while it's not forbidden not to have relationships with normal people, it's socially not accepted due to its inherit complications. Those who are exposed to the makai realm are expected to maintain their secrecy or may risk having their memories erased. However, rule breakers may face harsher punishment.

Priests who either break their secrecy or do things not allowed by the order are subjected to judgement by the watchdogs. Aside from potential prosecution that can lead to a death sentence, the watchdogs can also banish priests from ever practicing magic. For those who wish to walk away or retire from priesthood, they must give up practicing magic and swear to secrecy. Such former priests, like Anna, learn to integrate themselves into normal society and lead ordinary lives. Those who break their vows are also subject to punishment by the watchdogs.

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In GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames & GARO: The Crimson Moon a Makai Priest is known as a Makai Alchemist.

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