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Zaruba, the most recurring Madougu in the series

Madougus (魔導具, Madōgu) are sentient enchanted gothic-themed jewelry that are worn by Makai Knights.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

In the on-going conflict against horrors, Makai Priests have designed tools that allows them to detect Horrors and forecast other unforeseenable potential threats. Unfortunately, Makai Knights lack the sufficient level of training, knowledge, and wisdom that a priest would have, limiting their survival and self-efficiency. To remedy this problem, the priests crafted the Madougus to help the knights in their missions.

Madougus takes the form of sentient Gothic jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet, mirror, etc). They can independently speak and can voice their own opinions to the knight. They're essentially portable magical tools that has many abilities similar to a priest. Each Madougu has its own unique capabilities, personality, and powers. Because no two madougus are exactly alike, it's difficult to give a proper definition of its capabilities. However, all madougus have several common abilities they share: dark energy detection, Horror sensor, provides wisdom, and knowledge to its wearer. With it, a knight can operate with greater independence and without the constant referral to a priest during their missions.

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