Madōba (魔導馬) or Madō Horse (aka Magical Horse) are armored stallions that assist the Makai Knights in combat.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Madōbas are armored horses that serve the will of the given Makai Knight. Based on observation, it seems the horses are only given to titled knights as non-titled knights are never seen with their own stead; elite knights who slay over one hundred Horrors can qualify for a special trial to gain a steed that compliments them after their armor. After passing the trial, they can summon their horses at will.

Although given the appearance of a horse, the stead doesn't contain any organic components; it is an enchanted sentient machine that has the ability to enter and travel through other realms (and can leave the battlefield if the Makai Knights so choose). Makai Knights can only ride Madō Horses in their armored form. Each horse have their own ability to enhance their rider's combat abilities, however, every horse have their own abilities and some are made more powerful compared to others. Under special conditions, a Makai Priest can also summon a horse, but must be consented by the Makai Knight.

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