Hyena (Mado Horror Form)

Common Mado Horror Form

"Madō Horrors" (魔導ホラー Madō Horā?, "Heretic Horrors") are an unique form of Horror first created by Zedom by infusing human bodies with Horror Seeds, bound to serve the one who sires them. As a result, unlike regular Horrors, Madō Horrors are born directly within the bodies of humans and are thus an aspect of the human they are born into. As a result, having red pupils, the humans that become Madō Horrors are able to adapt more easily than Inga Horrors with the need to feed a secondary priority. This also enables them to hide from the usual means of Horror detection, Makai Knights and Makai Priests are forced to use investigative deduction to hunt Madō Horrors before developing a specific device that exposes a Madō Horror's identity. Unlike most Inga Horrors that devour human bodies, Madō Horrors rip the soul of a human and devour it with the body turning to dust. In a fight, Madō Horrors can create weapons from parts of their bodies and are stronger than Inga Horrors. During the events of Yami o Terasu Mono, Tousei obtained the plant created from the remaining Zedom Seeds and uses them to sire Madō Horrors to aid him in controlling Vol City from the shadows. For unknown reasons, Garo is the only knight capable of slaying Madō Horrors, with an adverse effect from inflicting damage on Madō Horrors and killing them causing the Garo armor to regain its golden appearance while rendered unwearable for the moment.

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