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Madō Lighter is a special magical lighter carried by Makai Knights. It contains Madō Flames that is commonly used to detect and combat Horrors

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Original UniverseEdit

The Madō Lighter is a Gothic-themed tool that resembles a demonic eye. All madō lighters have a special piece of gemstone, it's energy source. It can be revealed by removing the outer casing of the lighter. The lighter requires maintenance by the Makai Priests from time-to-time or it can stall (as seen with Amon working on Kouga's lighter). The Madō Lighter also requires occasional refueling. Madō fire is blasted into the gemstone piece for refueling by the Watch Dogs' wolf statue. The Madō Lighter is often seen used to heal, open "Orders Documents" (see below), reveal disguised Horrors, and activate the Blazing Armament technique.


In Ryūga-verse, Madō Lighters also serves as a means to detect Horrors. However, blazing armament doesn't seem to be a common feature when facing Horrors. While a version of it is used to enhance Garo in combat, there seems to be a clear degree of separation. A unique ability in in this universe is that the flames can be used for analytical purposes. When the flame is focused by a priest, the flames can reveal computational-like data for the user to understand their environment better.

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