The Madō Brush (魔導筆 Madōhitsu?) is a calligraphy brush which the Makai Priests use for various purposes, mainly as a focus for channeling magical energies into whatever the wielder is working on. The hairs of the brushes are made from pelts of Spirit Beasts, giving them the unusual magic-channeling qualities. Like many magical artifacts, their powers can weaken over time. Although many brushes are of the standard size of a traditional calligraphy brush with ornate decorations, there are nonetheless some odd ones. For example, Rekka's doubles as a flute or a dagger, Akaza's is oversized, wielded much like a large staff, and Ratess wields a two-pronged brush. Though usually seen to use and carry only one brush, Makai Priests can also have several brushes in their possession, such as in the case of Reo having several brushes stored in his suitcase.

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