Luzagin in human form

Luzagin (ルーザギン Rūzagin?, 2): A Streetlight Horror (街灯ホラー Gaitō Horā?) that inhabits a streetlight in an area once used for unsavory executions, able to use heat and light in her attacks. Luzagin possesses the body of Shino Ichikai (一貝 志乃 Ichikai Shino?), a vain yet dirty homeless woman who desires handsome men to the point of murdering them so she can have them. Acting on Ichikai's desires, Luzagin goes to captures ideal men, mutilating their bodies before freeze-drying them to add to her collection. However, she has strict physical requirements on who makes it to her collection, and devours through their shadows those who do not "pass". She eventually fights Kouga, forced to assume her true form before being cut down and left to die from the fatal wound. Ichikai is portrayed by Reona Hirota (広田 レオナ Hirota Reona?).

Luzagin true form

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