Kurehi 3
Kurehi 2
Portrayed By:
  • Kuran Kusakari
  • Bartender
  • Bakura's Assistant
  • Unknown
  • Jaki Sensor

Kurehi is the mysterious waitress and assistant to Bar Master and Makai Priest Bakura in the events of Dragon Blood.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Little is known about Kurehi other than the fact she's somehow tied to the world of makai. Assisting Bakura to run his restaurant bar, Lupo, she helps serve food and drinks during business hours and assist Bakura during his makai activities. Suggestively a mute, she doesn't make a sound, always quiet, but communicates by hand gestures. Based on observation, she seems to be able to communicate, but she prefers to keep herself quiet. She is trusted amongst Rei and the other priests at the bar, but her exact role and purpose remains unknown.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Kurehi seemingly only have waitress skills. She can bartend, prepare food, and serve drinks for guests.


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