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Kiba is the corrupted Makai Armor in the possession of Barago, the main antagonist in Chapter of the Black Wolf. Whoever wields the armor shall be known as the Black Fang, Dark Knight, and Black Wolf Kiba.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The LegendEdit

In Chapter of the Black Wolf, it is explained the armor is linked with Messiah. In a makai tome, there's a chapter on the Dark Knight: The one stained in darkness, the Dark Knight. When he devours his thousandth Horror, he will summon Messiah from the Makai World to fuse with her. When fused with Messiah, the Dark Knight will become an immortal being; no amount of makai power can stop him. According to Gonza, to become the Dark Knight, it involves acquiring a spell written in the Forbidden Dark Magic Tome. By reading the Dark Magic Tome, it allows a knight that has been turned into a Lost Soul Beast to be able to obtain ultimate power from the darkness. Every time a Horror is devoured, his power is increased and amplified.

Armor OriginsEdit

The Kiba Armor was a pre-existing Makai Armor that has surpassed it's Lost Soul Beast form. Barago acquired his armor before becoming Kiba, but it’s unclear how he got it. While not confirmed, events in Kiba Side Story suggests the armor belonged to Barago's father and Barago inherited it after the nameless knight died combating Horrors.

Barago was on a quest to obtain great power through darkness. A shadow of Messiah had resided within the Forbidden Dark Magic Tome. After Messiah sensed Barago's desperation for power, she appeared before him and offered to merge with him and give him absolute power. However, to attain that power, he had to prove his mettle by overcoming his Lost Soul Beast form. In Barago's own account, the armor itself was not an enhancement from Messiah nor a spell. It was a new form after following Messiah's instruction to overcome the limits of his armor. By overcoming the devouring nature of soul metal, it can change the physical state of the armor to allow him to devour Horrors to increase and amplify his power. Determined to become the strongest, Barago overcame his beast form and the armor adapted a new permanent form that has no time limit and increased his speed and power. Messiah would rename his armor and title as Kiba the Dark Knight.

By this explanation, any knight that knows the process can surpass their Lost Soul Beast form and replicate another Kiba without Messiah’s intervention. With the same logic, from The Flower of Makai, enough will of light can create an opposite version: The Light Awakening Beast form. However, only Raiga Saejima was the only known knight to surpass the Lost Soul Beast form without getting devoured by their armor and turned to darkness. Ultimately, the Kiba Armor is a rename over the old armor and it’s full capabilities remain a mystery. It was the most powerful corrupted armor of its time.

Combat CapabilitiesEdit

The armor is a unique one as it's a tainted version of Makai Armor and bonded to Barago. While the majority of armors utilizes a makai blade to activate its halo for armor summoning, Barago has a heirloom necklace. He blows into it to activate its power and twirl on top of himself to wear his armor. However, he can bypass the whole process by willing his armor to come to him in emergency situations.

As he surpassed his beast form, the armor no longer adheres the 99.9 seconds time limit. Whenever Kiba slays a horror, the armor can absorb the dark energies of the demon beast and use it to bolster its speed and power. So physically strong that Kiba has the strength to over power a giant Horror with one hand with ease. With a single dash, he can go across the field as if he's flying and leap over tall bounds. By striking the earth with his sword, he can summon a plant shield that immediately grows around him to protect him. Although meant to be the opposite of Garo, there are similarities to Garo.

Due to the fact Barago trained under Taiga, the former Garo, his combat style is based on the Saejima family combat style. Kiba's sword is much like Garo's sword, but black; it doesn't need a Madōba like Garo. Kiba has its own stead, Raigo, for horseback combat, but it's rarely summoned. Kiba can enlarge his sword without Raigo. Preferring to minimize use of external tools, Barago doesn't carry a Madō Lighter. Traditional knights would use it for blazing armament, but Barago prefers the friction of his own armor to achieve the same effect. As he no longer needs the lighter to detect Horrors, it's not needed.

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The spirit of Kiba the Dark Makai Knight (暗黒魔戒騎士・呀, Ankoku Makai Kishi・Kiba?) influenced everything since the beginning. Though he called himself a Makai Knight, Kiba was no different from a Horror. Kiba's spirit resides inside what was once a grey colored Makai Armor that's filled with the dark knowledge of Makai Power. In actuality, this was the half-truth about origin of the dark knight himself: While Messiah made this legend as the scheme to resurrect herself, the said legend ultimately realized by Barago himself through his actions until the final battle against Kouga and Rei.

Sensing Barago's desperation for power, Messiah, through her shadow within Forbidden Dark Magic Tome, offered him the power of darkness. Barago wholeheartedly agreed to give up his soul for it, and with that, Messiah taught him the way to corrupt his Makai Armor with darkness via overcoming his Lost Soul Beast form. Once the deed is done, Messiah rename his armor and title as Kiba the Dark Knight and instructed him to devour 1000 Horrors.

From there on, Barago, with his newfound power, hunted down Horrors to absorb and increase his power further. As Barago absorbed Horror after Horror, the armor eventually deformed into an organically pure blackrename his armor and title as Kiba the Dark Knight armor with a cape.

Though Barago's soul was destroyed by Messiah, the spirit of the armor's owner, Kiba, made his presence known to the heroes by assuming full control over his host upon Messiah's destruction at the hands of the current Garo, Kouga Saezima. Now transformed into nothing more than a Horror, Kiba returns to the real world and battles Garo and Zero, only to be destroyed by Garo in a one-on-one swordfight.

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