Juuzou Igari

Juuzou was a dying samurai that only wished to fight the strongest. Through a contract with a Horror, he was displaced into modern Japan, where he searched for the strongest and fought Rei Suzumura.

Personality & CharacterEdit

As a child, Juuzou encountered a battle between a Makai Knight and Horror. After witnessing such refined sword skills, he vowed to become the strongest swordsman. He has a personal code of honor and only challenges the strong, never once using his skills against civilians. Through his journey, he became an accomplished unbeatable samurai, but his health took a toll and he used the last of his health in search of the strongest warrior for him to live and die under his code.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Juuzou is a highly trained samurai, with combat skills comparable to a Makai Knight. He was so talented in combat that he managed to master the use of Soul Metal in seconds, the very same weapons that a knight-in-training would take years to master. Even when he was possessed by a Horror, is spiritual strength was so great that he was control of the Horror's powers and not the Horror itself.



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