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Judam is the main antagonist of Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries.

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Like many of the residents of the Promised Land, Judam was an object created by humans yet discarded and forced to make a new life for herself as queen of the Green Castle. Feared by many in the Promised Land for her ability to read their names and erase it to reduce an object into nothingness, Judam despises those she considers ugly while having her forces gather the most beautiful objects in the realm to consume. Though she praises humans for their ability to create things of beauty, Judam admits she harbors a deep seeded grudge against them for discarding her and other things without a second thought. Ultimately, her scheme was to become one with the legendary dragon Maryu so she can use its power to enter the human world and render all into nothingness. However, she meets her end at Kouga's hands while accepting his apology for humanity's actions against her.

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  • Judam is portrayed by Keiko Matsuzaka (松坂 慶子 Matsuzaka Keiko?).

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