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Jinga Mikage
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Jinga Mikage is the reborn version of Fallen Knight Jinga & the main protagonist of Fang of God: JINGA. After the events of Fang of God, he was defeated by Messiah and was reborn as a man of light conflicted with his past darkness within the Ryūga-verse.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Jinga Mikage is a unique case among Makai Knights, as he is the reincarnation of the Makai Knight-turned-Horror Jinga who battled Ryūga Dōgai, also known as the Golden Knight Garo, and was slain. Challenging Messiah in the Makai Realm, Jinga is swiftly defeated where his soul floated in the darkness before eventually reincarnated into the Mikage family, a clan of Makai practitioners, as a Makai Knight. Physically, he is identical to his past life, possessing the same gray-white hair despite his age and fully human body. He has no memories of his past life and it is suggested that his personality resembles that of his past life as Makai Knight before his fall from grace. He becomes an established Knight at a fairly young age under the title Roze, and is seen helping his father to train his younger brother, Touma. Jinga's new life is soon marred by tragedy, his father becoming possessed by a Horror and killing his mother, forcing Jinga to cut his father down in turn. He is often plagued by nightmares of the event and visions of his slain parents, which cause him and Touma, who was also present for the event, much internal turmoil. As noted by his Makai Priestess partner, Fuusa, Jinga is a capable Makai Knight, yet he is often held back by his emotional trauma, especially when it comes to the subjects of family and parents.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Knight Training: ?.
  • Horror Liberation: Upon receiving a bite from the Horror Padeena, Jinga's genes undergo a mutation that allows him to un-do the Horror possession of a Host slain by his infected hand. The mutation is signified by a massive scar on Jinga's right hand, rent in the shape of a wolf's fang.

Tools & WeaponsEdit

  • Makai Blade: Jinga's Makai blade which interestingly looks more like the tainted version of his past life's sword as opposed to its original form, hinting that they might be one in the same.
    • Roze Armor: A gray and red Makai Armor in possession of Jinga in events of Fang of God: JINGA. Because of its resemblance to his past self's Demon Beast Exoskeleton, it also implied to once in his past self's possession prior to his fall to the darkness as well.
  • Alva: Jinga's ring-type Madōgu.
  • Madō Lighter: ?.




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