Latel 3

Latel is one of the Ady Slate Horrors.




The younger brother of the Makai Priestess Bikuu, Izumo was a fallen Makai Knight who ended up confronting Latel after the Horror was just freed from the Ady Slate by Eiji Busujima. Latel proceeds to defeat Izumo and take over the Makai Knight's body to use as a vessel so he can fight more worthy opponents to devour. As Bikuu was deployed to kill her brother from his transgressions, she is forced to work with Raiga Saezima as he and his group are after the Horror. This leads to Latel going after Raiga before being slain after Bikuu targeted a weak point on her brother's body. Once Latel's essence is reduced to a stone, Bikuu proceeds to purify what remained of her brother.



  • Izumo is the first case of a fallen Makai Knight who became a Horror, with Sonshi the second and Jinga, the third.

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