Horrors (ホラー, Horā) are fictional monsters in the Tokusatsu series GARO, creatures that Makai Knights face.

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Original UniverseEdit

In the original continuity, it is explained that Horrors are the manifestation of negative and dark energies by man. Whenever there's a great build-up of hate, rage, sadism, and acts of violence are committed, these negative energies seep into the Makai World, a realm where the Horrors exist and feed on such energy. Legend speaks that it was Messiah, the mother of all Horrors that gave birth to this demonic race and its spawn has continued to thrive without their progenitor for generations. Drawn to negative energies and human flesh, Horrors break into the mortal realm to feast upon humanity. Only the Makai Knights and Makai Priests have kept their advances at bay.


A Yin-Self Horror

The most common form of Horror is a black skeletal monster with small dark wings, Yin-Self Horrors originate from the makai (demon) world and are attracted to the human world by the darkness inside the human heart. Their travel to Earth is made possible by a Yin Gate, a random object that has been filled with darkness over the years. Built up negativity in relation to the darkness of the owner or present of a dark moment in history will create the gate. Yin Gates are activated once a human (usually with high levels of darkness) comes in physical contact with it. From there, attracted by such inga (darkness), the emerging Horror forcefully merges into that person's body and consumes the host's soul while using the body as its own. The horror emerges in its basic demon form and later adapt a stronger form, typically themed after the gate it emerged from. While humans with pure hearts that normally wouldn't fall victim to a possession, Horrors can bypass this if the targeted person has any form of momentary deep rage or sorrow. Alternatively, they appear in moments of desperation. When the person is trapped in a bad situation that they willingly allow the horror to consume them for "help."


A collection of sealed Horror Daggers

In some cases, if there is a common goal or the targeted human's ideals fascinate it, the Horror and its host can enter a symbiotic relationship, where the Horror can fulfill its host's darkest desire(s). In such cases, the person is still of sound and mind. However, depending on the bond, the horror may share their body or one dominates over the person. The possessed human is technically dead the moment Horrors enter them and die (often vaporizing) once their possessors are killed off. However, there are cases when Horrors end up residing in animals and objects that happen to be nearby instead and using a human body to do their dirty work. Even in non-traditional forms, the horrors find a way to feed. When taking the form of an animal, the Horror can manipulate a human to do its bidding. As an object, like a watch, it can take advantage of people's greed and allow it to be taken and either posses the body or devour it. There are a few cases where multiple Horrors can enter one human body should the person have a vast amount of inner darkness to stir up a Horror feeding frenzy.

There are telltale signs of a human converted into a Horror's host, the first being a Madou Lighter used to reveal the host's pale green eyes. Other signs would be Horror-possessed humans' own behavior where they immediately dropped their human facade upon cornering a prey (which moreso should the said prey's body had been stained by Horror blood and yet to be cleansed by Baranka fruits). Even with their capacity to blending with normal humans, those with keen perception able to see through their human facade: The young Raiga correctly deduced a woman to be possessed by a Horror due to her reading her book not under a streetlight in an episode of GARO: The Makai Flower].

Horror's blood is very hazardous, not only can aggravate nearby Horrors and attracted them to its source like a moth to the flame, but also painfully killed those who drenched with it 100 days after skin contact. The only way to cure a person from corruption due to Horror blood's exposure is by consuming Baranka Fruits. Such treatment however, only works if infection with Horror blood only through physical contact: Corruption resulted from ingesting Horror blood is far more severe, so much that those who suffer this fate, Blood Dolces (血のドルチェ Chi no Doruche), can be only saved by death. Compared to those stained by Horror Blood whom only showed symptoms in form of agonizing pain once 100th days drawing near, Blood Dolces' body painfully decompose in accelerated rate with a sticky blood-like substance covering the skin.

Ultimately, Horrors are never truly killed as their essence is sealed within a Makai Sword after defeat until the sword is purified at a Watchdog Castle and their essence is turned into a dagger. After twelve Horror Daggers are accumulated, they are sent back to Makai where the Horror is eventually reborn with the cycle of its entry into the human world repeating itself.

At the beginning of the conflict, Makai Priests came into being to fend off the Horrors. It was until discovery of special alloy with mystical powers called Soul Metal that the Makai Order learned to develop these alloys and weaponize it in the form of Makai Knights who would be the primary fighting force against the Horrors.

Kiba Gaiden HorrorsEdit

Kouga Era HorrorsEdit

Raiga Era HorrorsEdit

Ady Slate HorrorsEdit

Main Article: Ady Slate Horrors

The Ady Slate Horrors are nine special Horrors used by Makai Priests as foundation stones to seal Eyrith in the past. Unlike common Horrors, Ady Slate Horrors don't act on their host's desires, their personalities are dominant over their host.

Legendary HorrorsEdit


Bride Horror

Inga-Horor Bride

Inga HorrorsEdit

The origins of Horrors within Ryūga's universe are about the same. However, there's no mention of Messiah; it's unclear if Horrors have a progenitor or have existed due to man's existence. While the origins of Soul Metal in this universe does explain where does their it originates from, Zedom. Because there are at least two types of horrors, the traditional horrors are labeled as Inga-Horrors and the artificially created ones are named Madō Horrors. Inga Horrors and Madō Horrors both share the Makai Language, but neither side show any degree of loyalty for each other. Both are loyal to only their own causes and may only cooperate when it suits their needs, but can betray each other when their mutual interests no longer align.

Traditionally, the strongest of horrors often take the form of a beautiful and deadly woman. However, as a noticeable inversion, the most powerful horrors tends to take a male form like General of Massacre Horror Zedom and Fallen Makai Knight Jinga. A major difference though is that these Horrors seemed to have evolved differently. They have bifurcated jaws that open up when a Horror, while in human form, is about to feed or screams in pain. Despite the jaws, some Horrors have different feeding methods that reflect their abilities and unique forms. The trait of biruficated jaws seems to be exclusive for the Ryūga-verse continuity as their counterparts in anime universe and Kouga's universe never displayed such traits.

Madō HorrorsEdit

Main article: Madō Horrors

The Madō Horrors are non-traditionally created Horrors. They were created from the seedlings of Zedom and utilized by Tousei Kaneshiro. Tousei discovered a mean to exploit the seedlings and to turn them into saplings, the raw material for Soul Metal. Instead of using the saplings to make Soul Metal, Tousei uses it to convert those he deemed the strongest to become his faithful acolytes to kill and protect him.

Anime HorrorsEdit

The Carved Seal of FlamesEdit

In The Carved Seal of Flames continuity, Horror's origin and history with Makai Order is similar with original continuity with exception of Messiah not mentioned and they have greater advantages in plaguing mankind. This because Makai Order, order which meant to keep them at bay, labelled as witches and disarray as result of avoiding persecutions.

  • Black Knights
  • Hanamushi (ハナムシ): A Horror that possesses the body of a harlot (娼婦 shōfu) that feeds on her host's clients before being slain by Germán.
  • Metaclim' (メタクリム Metakurimu): A dinosaur-like Horror in stocks that possesses the corpse of Guillermo (ギレルモ Girerumo), a Makai Knight who was executed in Mendoza's arranged witch hunt. Metaclim serves Mendoza by posing as the captain of a squad the advisor sends out of Valiante to assassinate Germán and León, only to end up being slain by the latter.
  • Ezol (エゾル Ezoru,): A blade-armed Horror that possesses the body of Father Nicholas (神父ニコラス Shinpu Nikorasu).
  • Onbla (オンブラ Onbura): A Horror with a lance on his left arm that possesses the body of Marcelo (マルセロ Marusero), an apprentice Makai Knight who was an apprentice to the Makai Alchemist Gael.
  • Banbora (バンボーラ Banbōra): A wooden Horror that uses bladed arms as weapons and projects images to lower its opponents' guard. Possessing a woodcutter's doll that belongs to an outcast boy named Alois, Banbora takes advantage of the boy's grudge against the people of his village for murdering his father when he attempted to expose their village's dark secret of performing human sacrifices for good fortune. But Banbora's feedings convince the villagers that Alois's mother, an outsider named Auriela, is a witch and needs to be sacrificed. Once the Makai Knights learn of its existence, Banbora attempts to devour the mob sent to prepare Auriela for sacrifice before being slain by León.
  • Jemitre (ジェミトレ Jemitore): A caterpillar-like Horror that possesses the body of Count Romero (ロメロ伯 Romero-haku).
  • Almar (アルマー Arumā): A Horror that possesses the body of Jordi (ジョルディ Jorudi), Santa Bard's resident blacksmith.
  • Despera (デスペラ Desupera): A Horror that possesses the body of Pepe (ペペ).
  • Moneta (モネータ Monēta): A treasure chest like Horror that possesses the body of Donato (ドナート Donāto), a thief who helped Irene steal Germán's clothing and money. After possessing Donato's body, Moneta kills the other two thieves before going after Irene and running into Germán as he manages to slay the Horror.
  • Anfel (アンフェル Anferu): A massive and powerful gate-like Horror that came to be known as the Chimera of Orvien (オルビエンのキメラ Orubien no Kimera). The older Makai Knight deciding to use it as a final test his apprentice, Anfel managed to kill Rafael before being slain by Alfonso when he inherit his mentor's Makai Knight armor and title.
  • Aboradura (アボラデュラ): An armored skeletal Horror that possesses the body of Lord Rolando (ロランド卿 Rorando-kyō).
  • Convexo (コンベクスォ Konbekuswo): A Horror that possesses the body of Count Albar Juste (アルバール・ジャステ伯 Arubāru Jasute-haku).
  • Michael (ミケル Mikeru): A young man who idolized a wandering masked physician named Fabian. Possessed by a Horror, Michael assumed his idol's identity while presenting himself in Santa Bard as a miracle physician. In Horror form, Michael has the ability to heal and augment himself using a variety of surgical tools in the drawers on his chest. While Michael nearly killed Germán, his insatiable need to heal and mend led to his downfall when the Makai Knight cuts Michael down while he was tending to his severe wounds.
  • Grand Magus (グランドマグス Gurando Magusu): A massive and incredibly dangerous serpentine Horror that burrows underground. Grand Magus destroys Lara's family's farmstead and slaughters the entire family before being cut down by Alfonso.
  • Arabel (アラベル Araberu): A raven-like Horror that possesses the body of a Makai Priest named Luciano Guzmán, using his host to slaughter Makai Knights and innocent humans for years. He also has the ability to transform into a high-speed aircraft-like form armed with guns and missiles. Arabel is eventually tracked down by his wife Ema Guzmán and slays him to free her husband.
  • Resume (レジューム Rejūmu): A twin-headed Horror that was sealed in an egg-shaped Madō Tool by Mendoza for his use. Resume can be controlled by whoever releases it.
  • Gemellus (ゲメルス Gemerusu): A Horror that can create clones of itself.
  • Anima
  • Blade-Armed Spider Horror

Divine FlameEdit

The Crimson MoonEdit

These are Horrors (火羅(ホラー) Horā) that appear in GARO: The Crimson Moon, their manifestion from the Makai into the human world having influenced the myth of the Preta.

  • Engou (閻剛 Engō): A Nio-like Horror that possesses the body of Junkei (順慶), a busshi who murders beautiful women to use them as models for Bodhisattva statues. Junkei ended up becoming Engou's host when his Bodhisattva statue was inserted inside a Nio statue controlled by Dōman. Engou tries to kidnap beautiful women to turn them into a Bodhisattva statue and Seimei manages to lure him so Raikou can slay the Horror.
  • Gaira (骸羅): Horrors that possess the bodies of imperial envoys.
  • Dogura (怒蜘羅): A spider-like Horror that influenced the myth of the Tsuchigumo. Dogura possessed the body of Katsuragi no Hisayori (葛城 久頼), an apprentice of his Makai Knight father Katsuragi no Chiharu (葛城 千晴). When he and his father were surrounded by Horrors, the young Hisayori ended up becoming Dogura's host when the Horror sense his fear-based inner darkness and used the youth's body to devour Chiharu.
  • Tengu
  • Kamaitachi & Yamanba
  • Kosode No Te
  • Itsumaden
  • Raijū
  • Te No Me
  • Andon
  • Sōgoku
  • Kappa
  • Butterfly Horror
  • Mask Horror
  • One-Eyed Horror
  • Dual-Bladed Horror
  • Whip Horror
  • Rudra

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  • The Horrors are designed by Yasushi Nirasawa, who also designed the Undead, the Worms, and the Imagin monster groups from the Kamen Rider series and the original monster designs in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger that are mostly used in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

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