Haruna Madogu
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Haruna is a Makai Priestess and the younger sister to Gald in Gold Storm Flight. Due her fear of directly facing dark forces, she relies on a magical doll to help her connect to her brother as passive support on his missions.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Haruna is the little sister of Gald and a priestess of Homura Village. She is a young teen that's fearful of taking on Horrors directly; she stays in a safe location, but caused her muscles to atrophy, making her physically weak. Although a talented priest, she cannot support her brother on the front lines directly and so she created a magical doll communicator to passively support him. The doll is a magical version of a body camera, it allows her to see what Gald sees and she can directly speak to Gald to communicate and advise during his missions; it is believed to be a proto-version of a Madougu. However, her influence can be expanded if multiple dolls are made, giving her the power to view through several people at once. Although trained to battle the dark arts, Haruna is easily frightened by Horrors; despite her fears of Horrors, she musters her courage to help the people that entrusted her.

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The Unsealing of Radan & Assisting GaldEdit

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Haruna is portrayed by Moka Komatsu (小松 もか Komatsu Moka)

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