Gouryuu is an advanced makai weapon designed by Leo. They're made to provide greater offensive capabilities for the Makai Priests in their war against the Horrors

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Although the Makai Priests are powerful on their own, they weren't strong enough to handle higher level Horrors. While the Makai Knights had always proven effective on the field, the priests never stopped looking for means to handle the stronger ones without the need of a knight. Eventually, Makai Priest Leo invented the Gouryuu, an advanced madougu with enough power to destroy Horrors.

The Gouryuus are themed as bipedal dragon-bots. In their dormant state, they're concealed within a wooden box to avoid public notice. When needed in battle, the priest would hand-crank the box to activate the Gouryuu. Once active, the priest must use a makai brush and tether it in order to effectively control the movements of the weapon. The Gouryuu itself can fire madou fire to damage and ensnare its targets to aid the priest in defeating a Horror. However, a Gouryuu is equally a double-edged weapon.

In order to create a weapon effective against Horrors, Leo re-purposed the remains of Horrors and awaken their spiritual energies to be used for the forces of good. However, as weapons created from Horrors, there are possiblities where their dark natures can be reawakened, such in the case of Colt's Horror instincts reawakened with human blood. When the Horror-nature within the Gouryuu has awakened, it has the potential to become a new Horror. Only when its dark energies are purified that it would be able to return to its normal state.


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