Gonza Kurahashi
Portrayed By:
  • Butler to Saejima Family
  • Alive
  • None
  • Housekeeping Tools
  • Kitchen Utensils

Gonza Kurahashi (倉橋 ゴンザ Kurahashi Gonza) is the butler of the Saezima household and the only family Kouga had after his parents died.

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Gonza does all butler related activities and also advises Kouga on certain matters. He helped raise and assist Kouga with his training since childhood. Though he as been exposed to the Makai world for over twenty years (between Taiga and Kouga), Gonza is a regular person without any form of Makai training other than being a butler. Although he is able to carry the soul metal, isn't able to use it in combat (He could, in fact, bring a new sword to the knights at occasion, but when taunted, he couldn't lift it from the floor)

He considers his relationship with Kouga and Kaoru closer than family. He was featured in GARO Side Story as "God of Pictures", but the sequence was part of Kaoru's dream. Gonza was featured in GARO Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun as his usual self looking after the household. Gonza returns once again in Makai no Hana, still serving the Saezima house under its new head (and the new holder of the GARO Armor) Raiga Saejima- son of his dear departed friends.

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