Knight-like Horror Gogeet
Portrayed By:
  • Dai Watanabe (渡辺 大 Watanabe Dai)
  • Sealed

Gogeet is a bat-like swordsman Inga Horror and one of the nine Horrors freed from the slate that uses their malice to seal the legendary Horror Eyrith. This Horror is an eccentric sadist who prefers to toy with his victims before devouring them. While he normally eats human, Gogeet can also eat other Horrors. The name of his host is Matō

History Edit

Gogeet uses the illusion of "Ai" as his daughter to morally trouble Raiga. But after losing his ability, Gogeet gloats the truth about Ai and is slain by an enraged Raiga after being attacked with extreme force.

Abilities Edit

He is a skilled swordsman who obtained the ability to create an illusion of a little girl named Ai.

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Trivia Edit

In the series, Gogeet is the 8th of the nine Horrors used as the foundation to seal Eyrith in the Ady Slate to be captured, he was one of the carrier of Eyrith's seed.