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Giru Armor
Giru 1
Eiji Transform Giru gif
Eiji Transform into Giru

Suspended - Current user in jail

Wicked Bone Knights:
  • Wicked Bone Knight
  • Wicked Bone Knight Giru
  • Heretic Bone Knight


Giru is a Makai Armor that specializes in large sabre combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title as the Wicked Bone Knight or Wicked Bone Knight Giru. The armor is currently wielded by Phantom Knight Eiji Busujima.

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Not much is known about Giru Armor up to this point. It's not even explained whether Wicked Bones Knight/Heretic Bone Knight was truly the title for all bearers of this armor or title exclusive to Eiji due to his betrayal by releasing Ady Slate Horrors to restore Eyrith. Like Crow Armor, this Makai Armor is less ornate than typical Makai Armor. While Giru Armor have abilities generic to Makai Armor including resistance to both magical and physical attacks, the armor itself lacked any special powers, resulting Eiji, current bearer of thd armor, counteract this shortcomings with magical skills he learned from late Akari.


This armor belonged to Eiji for quite some time. He used it to combat Raiga, the current Garo, when the latter learned his plan to use Eyrith's powers to revive Akari. Eiji would use it again to combat newly revived Eyrith. With Eiji being imprisoned, it's safe to assumed that Giru Armor also confiscated.

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  • Giru Armor is only Makai Armor that belonged to a rogue Makai Knight, but did not take a tainted/corrupted form.

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