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Giga Armor
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  • Jushinfu (獣身斧 Jūshinfu, Beast Axe)

Giga is a green Makai Armor that specializes in axe combat. Whoever wields the armor will take the title of Giga the Beast Form Knight (獣身騎士・戯牙(ギガ) Juushin Kishi Giga, lit. "Frolic Fang") or Beast Knight (獣騎士 Kemono Kishi). This armor was originally exclusive to the pachinko game in Makai Kessen Gaoh; it finally made its live action debut in Gold Storm Flight. The armor is currently wielded by Daigo Akizuki.

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Giga is a heavy plated green and gold armor, resembling a cross between a wolf and armored reptile. The knight relies on the raw strength of the armor for victory; he uses a combination of brute strength and might to overwhelm and defeat its enemies. Designed for close quarter combat (CQC) to compensate for its lack of speed; it takes advantage of its high defensive capabilities to draw in the enemy, where the knight can retaliate with great force. Its left forearm has a gigantic claw to stab and slash against horrors in between throwing hard punches. It's primary weapon, the Giga Axe, is used to smash through targets; it has the unique ability to charge up energy and release it in an explosive tectonic shock-wave, powerful enough to instantly destroy lesser surrounding horrors except the strongest ones. However, the move takes a lot of energy for the user; it's used as a last resort to quickly end battles.



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